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Profound Healing in Mind-Body Connection

Posted Mar 28 2013 3:00am

by Mind-Body Endorsed Coach, Gail Kenny

Many of you are reading this blog because you have experience with chronic pain or you are fascinated with Abigail’s techniques for mind, body, emotion and soul connection, or both!  I’m in both camps.  I came to mind-body connection healing through my long journey with chronic pelvic pain.  I was sold on this work after being coached by Abigail.  I experienced pain relief from learning how to calm my mind, feel my body and emotions, and connect with my soul wisdom.  I’m now living my passion guiding other people in releasing their blockages to health and well-being.  My absolute favorite mind-body tool is the “ Let Your Soul Sing – The Core Anamsong Mind-Body Practice .” 

I liken the energy of the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul as vibrating at different frequencies.  In order to connect with these different frequencies it requires different ways of focusing.  Dysfunction in any of these four areas can affect the ability of energy to flow easily through the physical body and the underlying energy body.  It’s most effective to connect with and clear energy blockages by approaching them from the vibration they occur in.  When these blockages are met, recognized and worked with, a type of alchemy happens which can bring profound healing to all levels of your being. 

I spent many years studying with a psychic and was taught about healing on all four levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  I did much deep mental and spiritual work through that process but because I was a habitual body and emotion resister, I didn’t know how to connect with my body and emotions on their level and vibration.  I didn’t even realize I wasn’t fully connecting with the felt sense in my body or that I didn’t know how to fully feel my emotions.  My psychic studies helped me to live in a more balanced way, but I still struggled with pelvic pain. 

In the Core Anamsong Mind-Body Process, Abigail has ingeniously created a method to work with all four of these vibrations in one process.  This process includes checking in with the mind, body and emotions, and then going deeper into body, emotion and soul wisdom.  The premise is that any type of discomfort is genuinely here to help us.  I have witnessed in myself and others the deep connection, freedom and expansion that can occur in practicing this process.

Even though I’ve had a few years of practicing feeling my emotions, I can sometimes still automatically repress or resist them.  Practicing the Core Anamsong Mind-body Process helps me to recognize and understand myself at a very deep soul level.  Here is an example of my recent experience where I received coaching from an Anamsong Mind-Body Coach. 

I’d had an emotionally challenging weekend dealing with a difficult family issue.  In my mind-body check-in my mind felt muddled and stuck.  My body sensations included   achy toe, tight IT band (outer leg between hip and knee), tight and slightly achy jaw, chest and throat tight, right butt achy.  Emotionally I felt heaviness in my throat and a weight in my chest which felt like sadness, grief, and irritation. 

Guided by my coach, I dove deeper into my mind-body connection.  I felt into the emotions that were present in my body.  I described them as feeling like rock heaviness in my throat, heart and belly.  Inside my heart was a gooey oozing.  As I noticed what I was feeling and felt deeper into it tears began to flow.  My experiences of the last few days flowed with metaphors of what I was feeling.  As I described it I got several aha’s deeply resonating with the recognition of my inner world being mirrored in my outer world.  Then my coach encouraged me to bring in self-compassion from my soul wisdom.  I felt into the unconditional love connection for myself and extended that to feeling love and connection with the members of my family and it felt supportive and validating. 

At the end of the coaching session I felt relief.  There was a sense that it would take more time for the emotions to continue to be felt and for my body to release tension.  I set the intention to just let it be present and unwind in its own timing.  This was a profound experience leaving me with deep insight into my body, emotions and soul.  By the next day the heaviness in my chest was noticeably less, my body felt lighter and I was able to focus back on my daily life.

I use parts of this process in my daily practice and I go deeper as needed.  This tool can be used for self-coaching as well as in one-on-one coaching.  It can easily morph into different forms or combine with other coaching and intuitive tools.  I’ve had sessions with clients where most of the time is spent exploring how the physical discomfort or the emotional discomfort is here to help revealing fascinating discoveries and understandings. This tool absolutely works for deep-seated soul reconnection resulting in a deeper connection with the true self, creating more ease in the body and life in general. 

Endorsed Coach – Gail Kenny
When I found Abigail I had been struggling with chronic pelvic pain (including pain in my lower abdomen, IC symptoms, yeast infections and myofascial pain) for over 20 years. Mind-body coaching was the last thing I needed to truly get my life back. I know first-hand the challenges of healing chronic pelvic pain and I’m well prepared to help you with your healing. I’m also a certified Martha Beck life coach and trained psychic.

I work with people in physical pain who have already tried all the normal solutions. I help them heal old dysfunctional habits of thinking and feeling. I teach them to relate to their body, emotions, mind, and soul in new ways, creating relief from underlying tension, healing pain from the inside out and getting back to living the life they want. Start with your free pain relief practice here .


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