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Product review: ZYM electrolyte tablets

Posted Oct 17 2010 1:22pm

Hey everyone! The awesome people at ZYM sent me some samples of their electrolyte tabs. This is my 100% honest opinion of the product.




I really recommend them as a lighter, less syrupy tasting alternative to Gatorade, Powerade, etc. and a much better alternative to other electrolyte powders and tablets I’ve tried. If you have any questions, just leave a comment or visit their website !

ZYM Orange Rival: 8/10. I personally don’t like orange flavors of anything, unless it is a real orange, so this might just be my personal taste preference and you could love it! But the flavor, to me, tasted too much like Tang (nostalgia, anyone?). However, this tab is flavored with Stevia and has 0g sugar, which is awesome. Thumbs up, ZYM! This is the newest flavor from ZYM and, like the other products, is a quick dissolving tablet with electrolytes and vitamins to give you a natural boost during your workout.

ZYM Berry Catapult: 9/10. I really liked the flavor of this, typically berry-flavored drinks are too heavy and sickly sweet for me, but definitely not this. No gross aftertaste and this one has a blend of guarana, 0g sugar, and 100mg of caffeine for a boost during your workout. It also has vitamin B12 to help prevent caffeine jitters — and it works! I get the jitters from a few sips of Diet Coke, so I appreciated this added addition. Added bonus of B12 (not stated in company literature, but something of my own discovery): B12 helps prevent hangovers. Just sayin’.

ZYM Lemon-Lime Endurance: 10/10. I loved this flavor, being that Lemon-Lime was my favorite Gatorade as a kid when I had the flu and during all those years of competitive swimming I did. However, this is a much lighter version! 1 g sugar and lots of good vitamins and electrolytes made me really feel hydrated. I really liked this one!

None of the ZYM tablets gave a chalky after-taste, or a sickly sweet after-taste, which I appreciate. I loved that I was only taking in 7 extra calories during a workout, as opposed to 100+ from a bottle of Gatorade. You burn off 7 calories just sitting here reading this post! These tablets dissolve quickly and completely, another bonus, because who likes to drink chalky water? They fizz like Alka-Seltzer and then turn flat. I like the taste a lot and, if nothing else, they encouraged me to actually drink my water during my workouts, something I’m not always the best about doing. If you want nothing more than a better way to keep hydrated, I recommend these! If you want the added bonus of the vitamins, the caffeine (in the Berry flavor) or a naturally sweetened tablet (Orange flavor), I say go for it. If you’re looking for an alternative to a typical sports drink or just plain water, I say visit and read up on the products.

Thanks, ZYM, for letting me try your products! I really enjoyed reviewing them!

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