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Product Review: Energizer PRO 4 LED Head Light

Posted Sep 14 2012 10:39am
I was recently contacted by the kind people at Energizer Canada to become part of their Influencer Outreach program.  I was excited by the invitation because as a runner, I have always wanted to run the Energizer Night Race  and secondly, as a mom, Energizer products have become a staple in our house like milk and eggs because it seems every single toy the boys have requires batteries!

When I opened it up to check things out I was excited to find all kinds of useful goodies including an array of batteries, several different flashlights and glow sticks, two LED headlights and of course it wouldn't have been complete without my very own big pink Energizer Bunny!

Product Features:
  • 2 light modes - "night vision" and "spot"
  • Pivoting headlight
  • Push button switch
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Weatherproof
  • 21 - 38 hrs battery life (depending on light mode used)
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries
Lightweight, versatile and comfortable, the Energizer® Pro-Headlight 4 LED keeps your hands free for everything from navigating to doing auto repairs. The soft elastic headband and curved design make for a comfortable fit. Two light modes allow you to choose the best illumination for the task at hand. In addition, this light is water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor activities. 

I like how Energizer is showing the versatility of their products by getting involved with the running community and providing this kind of light to runners as part of their race series.  We runners are a pretty demanding crowd, but a practical one too, so right off the bat I like that this headlight isn't just a running product.

So know that I've told you a little bit about the product itself, what I was curious about was how does it actually perform?

I took my shiny new headlight out for a run the other night.  Being that it is still pretty warm and sunny here it was hard to wait until dark but I was anxious to try the light out because I have lots of training ahead of me this fall and winter when it's going to be a whole lot darker all the time!

I wore the headlight around the house while I was getting ready to leave and it felt a little jiggly so I ended up wearing it over a running hat for my run.  This ended up being a good idea because the light didn't move at all while I was running.  I did take my hat off at one point but it just a felt a little too jiggly on just my forehead for running.

As the sun finally set I reached up to finally turn my light on and it was pretty easy to operate.  The button is right up on top so a quick press and it came on.  The first light mode is the "night vision" which I could see being cool for some applications but for running it wasn't quite what I wanted.

Another press of the button and you're on "spot" mode which was great for what I like.  I've used lots of different running lights before (I actually really love running at night) and some just don't illuminate very well.  The Energizer light was awesome because it was kind of like having a big spot light on your head.  It illuminated a large area of the road ahead of you and it is hinged so you can adjust how far it hits the road ahead of you.

What I liked about wearing a head lamp such as this one for running (instead of just a flashing light) is that it worked for me in two ways: 1) it made me visible to oncoming traffic and people and b) it made it easier to check my Garmin etc.

I know, I know, my Garmin has a light on it.  But, the Garmin light requires two fingers to activate, with a head lamp all you have to do is glance down at your watch and voila!  For me, convenience is paramount when I'm running so I really liked that.  That being said, a "flashing" mode would be a nice addition specifically for runners.

So now that I've run with it a bit, here are a few final comments about this light
  • Great powerful illumination of the road ahead of you
  • Lightweight - despite being a bit jiggly (without the hat) it didn't feel heavy or uncomfortable
  • Provides awesome visibility to oncoming traffic and people (in fact, one walker said "That light is such a great idea!" as I ran past her)
  • Included in your race package if you run the Energizer Night Race

Anyhow, my inaugural run with the Energizer PRO 4 LED Headlight was a success!  I have never used a head lamp quite like this for running before and I think I just might be converted!  With all of the marathon training I have ahead of me this fall and winter I know this light is going to come in super handy when the days get shorter and so many of our runs will be in the dark.
So if after reading this review you'd like to have your very own Energizer PRO 4 LED Headlight, you can look forward to it as part of your race package (along with other great visibility gear) for the Energizer Night Race 5k and 10k races.

Please Note:  I have been provided with free Energizer products to permit me to review them.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Energizer Canada Inc.
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