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Processed Problems: Why It’s Crucial To Your Health To Replace Pro-Inflammatory Processed Foods In Your Diet

Posted Jan 31 2013 10:09pm

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about diet styles like veganism, nutritariansim, flexitarian and paleo practices. It seems everyone wants to know which diet is the best based on minor technicalities. Others want to know what percentage of carbs, fat and protein they should be consuming on a daily basis.

Truth be told, there’s no one perfect solution for everyone all of the time. Categorizing yourself into one specific diet style or a rigid breakdown of macronutrients (carb, fat, protein) is not the secret to health and healing.

Certain circles may want you to think that, so that you buy into their ideology. In reality, we’re all uniquely crafted individuals from the tips of the hair on our heads all the way down to the cellular structure and genetic makeup of our bodies. We’ve all come from different descendants in various countries around the world. We’ve all been raised with different traditions, and we’re all at different stages of the life cycle making one-of-a-kind day to day choices.

To say that one diet is supreme for all of us is like saying that an infant has the same nutritional needs as a 99 year old – it’s ridiculous! In each life cycle, we face biological changes and new needs. Therefore, it’s important that we focus our energy on those practices that will sustain us despite adversities faced and years passed.

In my opinion the absolutely best practice you can master for yourself, and your family, is that of reducing processed foods in your diet. Focusing on pure, whole and therefore nutrient rich options – regardless of your named diet style and whatever technicalities accompany it. Diets are meant to provide structure and guidance, but they’re not meant to make you crazy. If they are, then it’s time to take a break from dieting and to say hello to good decision making.

You can eat no animal products but consume highly processed junk daily. Or you can eat some meat that is wild or organic, humanely raised on omega-3 and ALA rich grass with a nice plate full of veggies and fresh berries. Personally, from a strictly health standpoint, I prefer the latter.

It’s important to step back, to see the bigger picture, and to avoid getting trapped in the technicalities. Understand that it’s crucial to your health to replace pro-inflammatory processed foods regardless of your diet style. If you’re doing that, you’re on the right track!

Today, I’m launching a video series to guide you through this process. I truly hope that you find the material inspiring and useful. Check out video 1 now to learn about what I call, “real food deficiency,” it’s only 4 minutes long:

Join my mailing list to receive the next video in this series. I’ll be sharing 3 simple ways to replace processed staples with real food options and personal demos.

Until then, let’s hear from you! What are you doing to promote a healthy future for you and your family? Let me know in the comments below…

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