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Problems Of Loss Of Hair Among Females During Menopause

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:20pm

If you happen to be one of the thousands of women out that is experiencing hair loss problems, then rest assured that you are certainly not alone. Hair loss in women is a common problem. Due to the sheer number of hair product ads that are specifically targeted for men, it is quite normal for most women to not know not that this is a common problem. It is a statistical fact that 65% of all women will experience hair thinning at some in their lives. This problem is probably more alarming for women than it is for men.

Low thyroid function is common among menopausal women. This same condition also happens to be the common cause of hair loss in women. In addition to that there are also other causes for hair loss. They include heredity, recent intake of various medications, increased testosterone, scalp problems, increased physical and/or emotional stress, changes in hormone levels. When you first experience a sudden hair loss, you need to consider the events/happenings in your for the past 3 months prior to your hair loss. This is because the initial conditions that cause hair loss often happens at around 3 months before the actual hair loss happens. These events or happenings can be anything from a traumatic experience such as the death of a loved one or friend, divorce etc, a newly diagnosed medical problem a few months ago, or new intake of medication during the past few months or so. Since hair loss can take up to 3 months to show it’s effect, it goes without saying that any treatments to cure hair loss will also take at least 3 months to have any significant effects.

There are various solutions that can help with women’s hair thinning problems. One example is for you to learn how to how to make hair grow faster. Another solution is a product called Soy Isoflavones that have estrogenic effects minus the risk of synthetic HRT.

During the menopausal period, most women will generally lack ovulation. This can cause progesterone levels to fall and in response to this the body will increase the production of androtenedione, which is a type of adrenal cortical hormone. Androstenedione have the ability to pass some androgenic properties (male like) to women. One men like property in this case is the male pattern hair loss. This problem can often be solved by raising the progesterone levels through natural food supplements. During the course of consistent intake of progesterone supplements, the level of androstenedione will gradually fall. Following this is the resumption of normal hair growth. It would normally take 4 to 6 months for the effects to become noticeable because hair growth is a slow process.

For many, the loss is permanent. But there are few instances that it is treatable. The best course of action to take is to consult a physician. He will be able to tell you root of your problem.

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