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price of Luxury brands overseas is rising , suggest consumers come back to domestic consumption

Posted Feb 24 2013 5:35am

It is understood, also slightly in China mainland LV handbag price hike. Some overseas Daigou website customer service personnel introduces, in the domestic LV handbag price rises above 4%, while the Paris LV store commodity price increases in 5%~10%, Japan LV commodity price increases for 12%.

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LV spokesman said, the price in Japan, in part because of a weaker yen and rising raw material prices. Last year, LVMH accounts for 8% of its revenues in the Japanese income. Over the past 3 months, the yen against the dollar has fallen 13%. Involvement in this, LVMH’s income has decreased.

A personage inside course of study thinks, raw materials and inflation and other factors, and not a luxury prices crux, using prices keep brand high-end degree is the main, modest price increase in increasing brand profits at the same time, can also reinforce the luxury status.

To LV a handbag as an example, the current domestic counter current price 6350 yuan, up 3.9%, while in France the handbag rose about 9%, equivalent to RMB 5400 yuan.

According to LV China mainland official service introduction, 19 am, Louis Vuitton [ micro-blog ] group of global LV store products unified price. But in LV this price adjustment, China commodity prices rose significantly smaller than in other parts of the world.

In 2012 October, LVMH brand in France across the board price increases, rising up to 8%~10%. It is understood that in France, LV price, and do not bring home LV shop prices.

Data shows, before this, LV counter the mainland commodity prices only in 2011 July adjusted once, Europe in 2012 has increased prices two times. The same domestic product of the narrowing of the spread is more and more obvious.

In addition to LV, Hermes, the luxury brand such as Celine also at the beginning of this year have a price. The overseas Daigou website customer service staff said, although these major suit has a price, but domestic and foreign price significantly different.

A senior people in the industry think, luxury brands at home and abroad more and more small spread, is likely to be a ” price control ” means the major suit in order to keep the Chinese guests.

Bain capital research shows, Chinese consumption of global 25% luxury goods last year, but 60% of them are in consumption abroad. Chinese have flocked to buy luxury goods abroad, the injured is the brand in the China shop interests.

Last August, Prada spokesman said, if the euro continues to be weak, brands and products in mainland China in order to reduce the price, may consider product prices in Europe up to 10%. The LVMH group had previously said, because the price difference at home and abroad to record highs, currently its business in China is also affected by this trend.

A luxury senior source said, luxury brands in the hope that more customers to buy luxury goods in china. Price adjustment strategy gains uneven, is likely to be a large number of loss of Chinese consumer returning to domestic consumption, to protect the interests of stores in China. look at those fashion  Aria cosplay  ,  First Communion gowns   for your special needs.  linyan-0224.

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