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Prevention And Health Promotion Will Save America

Posted Sep 16 2009 12:00am

Finally, some talk about prevention and the savings it would have on our health care system, not to mention the health of the millions of lives that would be saved. The battle has to begin with getting more people to be proactive about their health - following a healthy diet first and foremost.  Here's more --

According to every major health organization, many costly and disabling conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic infectious diseases are linked by common preventable risk factors -- smoking, poor dietary habits, physical inactivity
and poor hygiene.

Yet, prevention and health promotion are seldom, if ever, factored into the fractious debate about overhauling our health care system.  The system is set-up to detect disease and treat acute illness, not to promote health, well-being and prevention.

"America will never win the battle over health care costs if it doesn't address the sickness crisis in this country," says Dr. David Ostreicher, a leading public health professional and author of a new book, "Brush Your Teeth!  And Other Simple Ways to Stay Young and Healthy."  Dr. David Ostreicher says, "There is no health care crisis, America has a sickness crisis. We are too sick with avoidable illnesses and our present policies, recommendations and legislation do nothing to address this."

Dr. Ostreicher adds, "The answer is not to spend more money on health care. The only answer is to stop getting sick with the most common, avoidable illnesses."

Lack of physical activity costs America over $75 billion a year, according to the World Health Organization, and excessive dietary salt costs America $20 billion, according to the Pan American Health Organization.

Below is a chart illustrating the annual cost savings of $720 billion based on research from prominent national and global health organizations

                         THE SICKNESS CRISIS

    Disease           Annual Cost       Avoidability      Savings
    -------           -----------       ------------      -------

    Colds/Flu         $40 Billion (2)      60%            $24 Billion

    Obesity           $147 Billion (3)     90%            $132 Billion

    Diabetes          $174 Billion (4)     90% (10)       $157 Billion

     Disease          $394 Billion (5)     80% (10)       $315 Billion

    Cancer            $72 Billion (6)      90% (8,9)      $65 Billion

    Preterm Births    $26 Billion (1)      60%            $16 Billion

    Drowsy Driving    $12.5 Billion (7)    90%            $11 Billion

    TOTAL                                                 $720 Billion ( Source )

Comments: The key to prevention begins with getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet each and every day. The reason we recommend Juice Plus+® is because it contains nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Although it is no substitute for the fruits and vegetables you need, Juice Plus+® may help with needed nutrients that you're not getting. Start by adding a piece of fruit or a vegetable to your diet, and continue with the habit until you're at a minimum of 7 per day. It will go a long way toward preventing some of those conditions listed above.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

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