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Preparing for Your DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Posted Dec 01 2012 8:46am
DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction to Enhance Your Femininity  

DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a breast enhancement procedure that provides a more feminine and natural look. Women who have undergone mastectomy can consider this effective and advanced surgery. Advanced technology and techniques are utilized to regain the lost breasts. To complete the surgery successfully, it takes approximately three to six hours. A few days of hospital stay is also recommended after the surgery to ensure maximum post-operative care and treatment. Preparing for your DIEP flap breast reconstruction according to the instructions of the surgeon will surely increase the success rate of this invasive surgery.  

Why Women Prefer to Undergo DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction  

This breast reconstruction process offers natural looking and attractive breasts that will restore your lost self-esteem. There are other benefits also such as the following:
  • No possible risks of inflammation or rejection, as body tissues from the patient’s abdominal region are transplanted to the chest area
  • Abdominal muscles are not taken for the surgery, hence recovery is faster
  • Surgery preserves abdominal muscles intact
  • Helps to contour your abdominal area also by removing excess fatty tissues
  • This breast surgery can be done while having mastectomy or after a break
Preparation for DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction  

As the surgery is invasive and intricate, significant preparation is very essential. It is necessary to have a positive attitude when preparing for and undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. Moreover, you should maintain a healthy body and mind to ensure the expected aesthetic results. Some general preparations recommended for the surgery are:
  • Keep your body healthy by following a balanced diet. You can also start taking multivitamin tablets two weeks before the surgery. This will prepare your body for easy recovery. On the night before the surgery, you should not drink or eat after midnight.
  • Engage in daily exercises to keep your body fit and fine.
  • As smoking will impair the circulatory system, do not smoke two weeks prior to the surgery. This preparation will increase blood circulation and make your lungs healthier. The chance for quicker recovery is also increased.
  • Certain medicines that increase bleeding are to be stopped two weeks prior to the surgery. It is strongly recommended to discontinue aspirin and other anti-inflammatory pain medicines.
  • Talk with your surgeon about your age, medical history and recent medications to minimize the surgical risks.
  • Be aware about general surgical risks such as bleeding and infection. Certain precautions need to be taken for patients with chronic diseases related to the heart, lungs and kidney.
Where to Undergo DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction?  

 The role of a qualified and experienced surgeon is very significant in this surgery. Only a surgeon specialized in DIEP flap breast reconstruction can give you the best results. Search dedicatedly to find an accredited plastic surgery facility with advanced equipment and infrastructure, with service provided by reputable plastic surgeons. Such plastic surgery centers would provide customized treatment solutions to achieve the outcomes you seek. Thus preparing properly for your DIEP flap breast reconstruction is important if you want to have a pleasant and successful surgical experience.
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