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Posted Dec 18 2012 11:32am
Advent is a season for spiritual preparation. It's the coming of the new liturgical year; it is a period of expectant waiting; it's an opportunity to connect once again - or to strengthen connections to the G-d that chooses each of us and desperately wants to be with us. Advent calls us to prepare a place for G-d in our lives - hopefully at the center. All too often that gets lost in all the preparations for Santa Claus and other secular holiday distractions which cause us to lose our way and to focus on things other than our spiritual health and well being. I have been in a state of preparation for the last three years - and I didn't know it. I thought that I was being called to begin a non-profit focused on re-integrating all faith communities into the broad public health system - and healthcare system. Indeed, this seemed to be all that it was and I went on my merry way filling the days with meetings and obtaining IRS 510c3 designation, etc, etc, etc. However, I was being prepared for something much more by the indwelling Holy Spirit. I was being prepared for the reality that I couldn't transform healthcare alone. I was being prepared for the reality that the charity would not be financially viable. I was being prepared to have to discern again what it was that I was being called to do. This last year was wrenching and painful and necessary. Now I stand on the cusp of a new calendar year with a new perspective on what it is that I am supposed to be doing. I have accepted that I'm called to seminary and have gone back to work full-time as a pharmacist to allow this to happen. The seminary I am planning to attend has created a new venture that seeks to re-create the Memphis Congregational Health Network in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area (what I've been trying to do). They are looking for a Program Manager part-time, and I've applied. Anyone want to suggest that G-d is not active and has not been preparing me for this exact mission? Hard to sell that one at least to this believer. What is G-d preparing you to do? It is hard to see the activity when you're deep in the mix - but slowly the plan shows itself. I pray this Advent season for each of you that you will be lead to discover G-d's plan for your lives. It is truly amazing. Peace for the journey, Dan
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