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Preparation actually helps with tests. Huh.

Posted Mar 03 2013 10:15pm

With just over 8 hours of training last week, I felt a little silly having a recovery week this week.  But, I guess with two heavy weeks before and a race last Sunday, I probably did need a little recovery.  Recovery weeks are a little bittersweet for me.  I’m sad that I don’t get lots of training, but I get to catch up with housework, my pups, my dvr, sleeping.  My favorite part of recovery weeks is the freedom on the weekends.

Saturday  was spent playing indoor fetch with Brennan, snuggling with Scout (who was pretty lethargic and pathetic after getting all her yearly vaccines on Friday), clearing out 600+ unread entries in Google Reader, sipping on Starbucks, watching the last three episodes of Pretty Little Liars (don’t judge, I am, in fact, 13 years old maturity-wise), and making an upholstered headboard for the guest bedroom.  I was so productive!  Normally, Saturday and Sunday mornings are spent killing three hours or more of running or biking and then sleeping for 3 hours and then eating a lot and then going to bed.  Clearly, I live I super exciting life.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Swim TT Test – 2100yds, including a 1000yd test (completed in 14:45, 1:28ish/100yds)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Swim 1800yds, Ride 1hr easy
Friday: 1hr Yoga
Saturday: Run LT test (7:15s at 182bpm)
Sunday: Bike LT test (AHR: 159…super low, no idea why)


  • Total: 5 hours
  • Swim: 1:14, 3850yds
  • Bike: 1:56, ?mi – all on the trainer
  • Run: 0:50, 6.46mi

So, I have this one skill: standardized tests.  Applying that shit to real life?  Eh.  But multiple choice exams, I can slam the shit out of that stuff.  Unfortunately, that has not translated to my LT testing.  Actually, I’ve rarely seen an improvement in my LT testing over the 3 years that I’ve been with my coach.  It is not his fault.  Seriously.  It’s my fault.  And this is how I know:

This week brought new LT testing.  My last LT test was the week of Christmas, and get this, training helps you get better.

Groundbreaking, huh?  But, generally my training has been so sporadic that I have remained relatively stagnant except for the gains I’ve seen in biking and swimming just from having more experience in those disciplines (I’ve rested on my running laurels for about a decade now).  This time, though, I’ve been super-duper consistent during the winter.  Usually during the winter, I don’t swim because I’m cold and I stink at swimming and yea.  But this winter, I’ve been a swimming fiend.  And you know what?  My 1000TT was almost an entire minute and 30 seconds faster than this time last year.  And my run LT was at a pace 15sec/mi faster than in December.  When I saw how I compared to just a few months ago, I was all.

Apparently consistency is key.  I’d always hoped that I had untapped potential because I hadn’t been putting in solid training numbers consistently.  Now I see that I might be right.  Fingers crossed that I can make that 25minute PR at Eagleman with 14 more weeks of consistent training.  Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to kick you into another gear. 15+ hours on the schedule for next week.  Now, time to get at it.

ps. I love me some Jennifer Lawrence.  Primarily because of the faces she makes.  Because I’m a huge face-maker too.  A lot of times I can’t control it.  Which is good and bad.  On the one hand, you know totally what I’m feeling.  On the other hand, you know totally what I’m feeling.

pps. I will post sometime during this week before my recap.  I will.

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