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Pregnant Women Workout – Safety First

Posted Oct 04 2012 11:14am

While some women view pregnancy as a time of relaxation and food indulgence, healthy eating and physical activities yield very positive result both in the short and long term. Working out during pregnancy will contribute to increasing your energy level, allow you to sleep better, and give your body the strength and endurance it needs during labor. Not to mention when you exercise during pregnancy, you condition your body to lose the baby weight much quicker post childbirth.



Your exercise routines will be a function of how advanced your pregnancy is. The closer you are to childbirth, the lower the intensity of your exercises should be. However, as a precautionary measure, always make sure to speak with your physician about your intentions of exercising through your pregnancy. As a rule of thumb, stay away from sports that augment your risk of falling or getting hit (such as football, basketball, etc.)

No matter your pregnancy term, you should outright avoid competitive athletics. If you are an advanced athlete, you may continue to keep up with your workout program; but ensure you include modifications to reduce shock, and increase rest periods between sets. Stay away from crossfit or any high intensity interval training .

Once you enter your 3rd trimester, you should systematically avoid lying on your back while working out. This is to help prevent a decrease of oxygen flow to your baby. Instead, lie down on a Swiss ball. The descending angle that your body forms with the ball, will allow oxygen to descend to the baby.

Being pregnant shouldn’t prevent you from staying active. Find a time during the day when you allocate at least 30 minutes to your exercise routine (ideally in the comfort of your home). You will be grateful for keeping a workout schedule through your pregnancy.


About the author: Kodjo is a fitness enthusiast and owner of a home based fitness clip_image003 and healthy lifestyle blog . His wish is to contribute as much as possible, to the fight against obesity in America. He recently developed a four-week home workout program to help people exercise in the comfort of their home. Kodjo has a strong following base on Twitter at @Kodjoworkout .

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