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Pregnancy Weight Loss - Get Helpful Advice

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:24pm

Find Out great tips to speed up Pregnancy Weight Lose. Many women have problem in loosing those extra pounds after pregnancy, but there are some basics that will help you speed up loosing that weight.

You must be eager about normalizing your weight and recover your pre-pregnancy shape right away. That’s normal. Unfortunately there’s no magic pill that will help you achieving that the next day.

In this article, I’ll share with you what it has worked for me as well as some very useful resources I found during my internet search.

So let’s get started!

Why Am I Still Overweight?

Many of us don’t lose much weight after the baby is born. There’s barely a change in your face, hands or ankles. It’s probable that the pregnancy weight of the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, etc. was replaced by some weight of fluid retention. This is frequent especially if you had a lot of IV fluids during your labor. The good news is that you should lose that fluid weight in about 2-3 weeks by urinating and perspiring more frequently.

Simple And Effective Tips

Whatever is your case, there are two simple yet effective tips that I’m sure will help you speed up your weight loss after delivery.

Watch what you eat.

Your post Pregnancy Weight Lose plan should include all the nutrients you need, but with fewer calories. Avoid pre-packaged food and go for fresh options. Prefer the low fat varieties whenever possible. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day. And finally, find your specific nutrition program and follow it. You’ll feel healthier, with more energy and will start loosing those extra pounds.


Walk, swim, do pilates… whatever you prefer, but exercise. Go step by step, don’t rush. The most important thing is that you can find a routine that you enjoy. Exercise is the best way to burn calories, keep your body strong, and help you sleep better. Look for the exercise program that best fits your pregnancy weight lose plan.

In my case, I designed my personal Pregnancy Weight Lose program based on the recommendations I found in the e-book Pregnancy Without Pounds. The FREE BONUSES include an Exercise Manual and an Exercise Journal.

Choose Your Workout Routine

On the exercise program you can choose from three different routines depending on your level of energy:

1. “Tired Mama” routine (when you’re feeling low energy)
2. “Moderate Mama” routine (for a medium workout)
3. “Fit Mama” routine (for a more vigorous workout)


By eating properly and doing some exercise I was able to recover my shape faster than other friends. Remember, don’t go too fast. Extreme diets or excessive workout can cause injuries, and you still have a baby that needs you full time!

Try to follow these simple recommendations, build your own Pregnancy Weight Lose plan, and I’m sure you’ll see the results very soon!

Good luck!

Grab free hints in the sphere of how to lose weight fast - welcome to your individual guide.

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