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Pregnancy journal: 27 weeks

Posted Jul 04 2012 12:00am

Last week was a little rough. Between the intense fatigue I experienced several days, I had some minor period cramp in the evenings. It wasn’t bad.. just very mild cramp. I didn’t know what could have caused it, according to google it could be the stretching due to baby’s growth spurt. It could also because I was so tired and still had to go to work. After the weekend rest, I still get it occasionally so I called my OB. He told me not to worry about it, but drink more water! Yes, I’ve been very thirsty lately. Sometimes when I’m in office, I forget to continue to drink, so I’ll make sure to drink more from now on. Cramping is not fun!

In addition to that, those days that I was extremely tired, the baby didn’t move as much as she used to the week before. I was first worried that something was happening to her, but then I calmed me down. She could have been growing a lot so she slept more; or because I was tired, she was tired as well, so no crazy kicks; she still moves everyday, just not strong kicks, so she must be fine. And the day that I feel more energy, she moved more and kicked more too. Her current “schedule” is movements/kicks in early morning (5-6 AM), minor movements in the afternoon if I’m lying on the couch and read, more movements at night (9-10pm). Some people says that baby moves after they eat, I haven’t noticed that yet. I wonder when she sleeps, does she sleep at night too? I’ve heard that baby doesn’t have a day/night schedule, well it makes sense if she doesn’t see any light in there. :)

Overall, I’m very happy in general because of her presence. Some days when I wake up from a nap or sleep, I would wonder if I’m at home alone. Apparently I am but some part of me reminds me that I’m not, someone is there too. But who is he/she? In my sleepy mind, I had to ask myself that question. And then I knew it is Sofia, she’s here with me! I’m not alone, she’s part of the family already! :) What a wonderful feeling!!!

Belly continued to grow, slowly. More strangers asked me when is the due day. :)






How I’m feeling at 27 weeks 

  • Baby size: cauliflower. Average size: 14.5 inches long, and weighing almost 2 pounds
  • Sleep: 7-8 hrs average. Good! :)
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger: Not much. I can’t remember experiencing hunger. :( I just eat at regular meal times.
  • Exercise: Elliptical and incline walking, twice a week upper and lower body strength exercises.
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, period cramp and feeling the need to breath harder. Sometimes I feel that I need to focus on breathing so I can make sure to get enough oxygen. I’ve never been a strong breather, I don’t make any noise when I breath, but lately I’ve noticed that I do. I guess now I’m breathing for two.
  • Weight: No change. Still 6-7 lbs in total. It started to worry me a bit, I haven’t gained any for the last two weeks. I hope in my next appt with the doctor, he can do a ultrasound to check the size of the baby. I’ve read that not every women gain at a steady space, in some weeks you’d gain more, others you gain nothing. I hope this is the case for me. At the meantime, I’ll try to increase my food intake a bit more to see if that helps. Well… actually I tried that once last week after last week weighting. I stuffed myself for a day and felt terrible that night, because of the bloating I couldn’t sleep well. After that incident, I gave up. I guess torturing myself that way is not healthy  or condusive to baby’s health either. I’ll just try to eat more nutritious and dense food this week.
  • Maternity cloth? Not yet. Started using dresses more because they are so comfortable.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet. I’m proud of my stretch mark free and clean belly. ;)
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: Not big movements but still moving.
  • Emotions: Really happy! :lol: She’s not here yet and I’m already full of joy because of her “presence”. I start to believe those women saying that the baby is their ultimate source of happiness, that they’ve never experienced anything alike. I enjoy this pregnancy more and more everyday! The slightly joy of her response with a kick to my touching makes me happier than winning a lottery! Can’t wait to play with her for real! ;)
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