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Pregnancy journal: 26 weeks. Let the bonding starts!!!

Posted Jun 27 2012 12:00am

It was a great week because Sofia moved a lot! I really really LOVE when she moves! Before she was moving more at nights, now she moves all day long!!! :lol:

Last week I went to the dentist for a treatment for periodontitis (a common gum disease during pregnancy). Whenever I lied down and the machine starts, she’d kick like crazy! She kicked so hard that I had to yell. The dentist said that the sound of the machine could irritate her, so I put my hand on my belly, and she calmed down! :) How cooperative. I guess it gave her sense of being protected.

In another time, I was in a seminar, really interesting talk about Euro crisis, and Sofia started to kick. I put my hand on my belly and my hand was moving ups and down! :shock: I don’t know if she kicked because it annoyed her, or because it was also fascinated by the talk as I was.

One night after dinner I was lying on the couch and watching TV. I suddenly saw my belly moved constantly, changing the shape of the surface. It was such a weird thing to see that I shut the TV off, turn the light on and grab my iPhone to see if I can record it. But then she stopped moving.

Few times I saw something poking out of the belly when she kicked. People, this is for real!!! The first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’m sure I’ll get more of these, and hopefully I can record it one day.

I’ve also noticed that when I go without eating 3-4 hours, she’s move or kick and I’d wonder: “why are you kicking when mommy is not hungry yet?” ;) It’s such a cute interaction, isn’t it?

When she moves all day long, I started to feel that I’m alone anymore. She’s my company, she’s here with me, she needs my protection and I need to know she’s there! :)

Belly continue to grow. For the first time someone asked me when is the due day. I went to mani/pedi and the woman didn’t hesitate in asking that. I guess now there’s no doubt that I look pregnant!


from front and back I still look quite normal

the belly is going up



A closer look of the belly, and look how funny my belly button looks

it popped out 2-3 weeks ago. today I touched it, it’s really soft!

How I’m feeling at 26 weeks 

  • Baby size: lettuce. Average size: 14 inches long, and weighing almost 2 pounds
  • Sleep: 7-8 hrs average. Good! :)
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger: Started to have appetite or better said to enjoy food that I cook. Maybe it’s because I started to enjoy cooking again.
  • Exercise: Elliptical and incline walking, twice a week upper and lower body strength exercises.
  • Symptoms: Nothing new.
  • Weight: No change. Still 6-7 lbs in total.
  • Maternity cloth? Not yet.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: A lot!!!! loving it!
  • Emotions: happy and hopeful. I read two great books baby-related (will review them soon) and I find parenting an extremely challenging and exciting endeavor. I know it’s not going to be easy and there’s no success-proof formula to raise a healthy and happy baby, but I’m so willing to take this challenge to discover the motherhood, to get to know my baby’s personality and maybe to learn other sides of myself too. If the Ph.D was a life changing experience, I’m sure the motherhood will be another one, maybe even more transforming yet! :)
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