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Pregnancy journal: 25 weeks

Posted Jun 18 2012 12:00am

25 weeks! I’m starting the seventh month! Crazy, I know! :shock:

I had the appointment with the doctor, everything is fine. He’s happy that I started to gain some weight. We heard the heart beat and measured the belly. I was not as excited hearing the heart beat this time because I know the baby is there because she has been moving around a lot last week. And the belly measure thing… was just odd. He measured the distance in centimeter from the pubic bond to the end of the uterus. It supposed to be exactly the number of weeks for the pregnancy. So I should be measuring 24-25 cms. By no surprise, I was short on that. But I wonder how is it even be comparable among women of difference size and height? It’s so unlikely that I would measure as the woman next to me even we’re both pregnant at 25 weeks. The doctor said that it’s common for small women like me to measure shorter than that, so there’s nothing to worry about. For the next appointment (in 4 weeks) he’ll do a quick ultrasound to check the size of the baby. In addition, we’ll do the glucose test. He already gave me the glucose drink and asked me to take it exactly an hour before coming to his office. I’ve heard so many bad things about that test. We’ll see how I do on that! :)

I don’t see much difference in term of bump size from last week, maybe 1 cm?






Still loving my pregnant body ! ;)

How I’m feeling at 25 weeks (my due date have been postponed to October 1st)

  • Baby size: cauliflower. Average size: 13.6 inches long, and weighing about 1.5 pound
  • Sleep: 7-8 hrs average. Still sleeping very comfortably. Other pregnant women might start getting uncomfortable by this stage, I’m lucky to feel good.
  • Cravings: none. Liking chinese food… made by me. :)
  • Appetite/hunger: Vegetarian meals with eggs and tofu. I find them easier to digest and not overly-full for long after eating.
  • Exercise: Elliptical and incline walking, twice a week upper and lower body strength exercises.
  • Symptoms: fatigue has improved a lot. Maybe because the iron supplement really helps. It could also because I’m more consciously taking rests and try to keep my social activity low during weekends so I can rest and recharge for the week.
  • Weight: 6-7 lbs.
  • Maternity cloth? Not yet.
  • Stretch marks? Not yet.
  • Gender: Girl!!!
  • Movement: A lot of movements!!! Every morning I’d wake up feeling her moving/kicking. Sometime I try to “communicate” with her by pushing my belly to see if she responds by kicking there. Sometime she does, sometime she doesn’t. Most of time when I’m in a rest position, I can feel her. I still don’t find any pattern yet, but find it amusing that she moves so much! :)
  • Emotions: happy! The more connected I am to her (when she moves), the happier I am. I started imagine playing with her and dress her like a princess. I started to read Happiest baby on the block  and find it very useful. I hope she is not a fuzzy baby, but in case that she is, I will try his method.
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