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Pregnancy: Are You Ready to Bring Home the Baby?

Posted Jan 23 2013 8:49am

Cleaning and organising the home when you are expecting a baby_1 Cleaning and organizing the home when you are expecting a baby

Article contributed by Izzy Smith

  • The Kitchen: Thoroughly clean the kitchen, remove all food from cupboard and storage space and clean inside, do the same with the fridge and defrost and clean the freezer.  Clean all of your appliances, including the oven, ensure you clean behind the things that are in your kitchen.  De-clutter the space available as much as you can, make room for the baby things you will need to store in the kitchen, such as bottles and a bottle steriliser.  Baby-proof cupboard doors and drawers with products that are readily available on the market, to ensure that your child won’t be able to get in the once they are mobile.


  • The Living Room and Dining Room: vacuum floors and polish surfaces, clean the windows, mirrors and any other glass in the room.  Clean the things you use regularly, such as the light switches, remote controls, and harder to reach places like the ceiling light and behind furniture.   De-clutter the space, move your belongings onto higher shelves that cannot be reached by a child. Buy baby-proofing products and attach these to your cupboard doors and drawers and the corners of your furniture, and place a fire guard around your fire to prevent your child burning themselves.


  • The Bathroom:  thoroughly clean your toilet, wipe over all of your taps, the bath, shower and sinks.  Ensure the tiles are clean and the grouting is mold free.  Clean the floors, ceiling and any ceiling or extractor fans.  Wipe over things that you touch often such as switches, empty the bins and clean any mirrors and cupboard handles etc.  De-clutter, put away as many of the beauty products, shavers, shampoo’s etc as you can, hide all medicines out of reach of children, and make room for bath products and medicine you will need for your child, consider buying a suitable bath seat for your child and some bath toys
  • . Cleaning and organising the home when you are expecting a baby_3 (1)


  • The Bedroom(s): clean all bedrooms, make up the beds with fresh linen and turn the mattress, vacuum the carpets including behind furniture and polish all surfaces.  Clean things like light switches, the ceiling, doors and door frames, skirting boards, remote controls, phones and plug sockets.  Clean the windows, including the window sill, handles and frames.  How much baby-proofing you want to do in these rooms will greatly depend on how much time your child is going to spend in that room.


  • The Nursery: clean the nursery as you have the rest of the bedrooms, buy a cot, a wardrobe and a small chest of drawers for the baby’s clothes to be stored.

Cleaning and organising the home when you are expecting a baby_3 (2) (1)

  • Pets:  ensure that you remove all fur from your furniture.  Move all pet beds and toys into a room that the baby will not be playing in and put feeding bowls out of the reach of your child.  Spend time removing any pet smells around your home, it should smell like you don’t have pets at all.


  • Gardens: clean the gardens so that they are clutter free, do some gardening if it is starting to look overgrown as you may not get the chance for a while. Remove anything that could potentially hurt your baby and make the garden as child friendly as possible.


  • Redecorating: do any redecorating that is needed, you won’t want paint fumes around your baby and may not have the time to paint once the baby has arrived.  Install stair gates.

Author Bio:

Izzy Smith is a working mom, writer and adventurer, loves to travel, smile and enjoy every minute of her life :)

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