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Precautions before Hernia Surgery

Posted Jan 28 2013 6:08am

  A hernia generally occurs when a portion of the intestines become capable of pushing out through a weakening along the abdominal wall. This can be a very severe condition if left on its own and should be treated with hernia repair surgery. If you are a dweller of the Los Angeles area, a hernia specialist is accessible to help you through the duration of your treatment before, during, and after the surgery. Click here.

Though the sternness of each diagnosis may vary, hernias will not heal on their own. It is therefore recommended to seek medical advice before the hernia develops into a bad condition. Before you go through the treatment, it will be prudent to know the facts and gain a thorough awareness of hernia treatment and repair surgery.

Consult your doctor

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you may have in terms of the hernia repair surgery. The operation will be a much smoother, stress-free, and efficient procedure if you are confident with the choices made by the hernia specialist and have a thorough knowledge of the process.

There are different types of hernia surgeries. Your hernia specialist will choose upon which one works best for repairing your particular hernia. There is the open surgery procedure, which involves one large incision through which to operate. There is also the laparoscopic surgery, which involves a camera and surgical tools inserted through two very small incisions which are closely controlled and monitered. You should ask your doctor which surgery is ideal and realize why that particular method will work best for you and your condition.

Conduct your own research

There is a lot of detailed information out there regarding hernia repair surgery and many options as to how one should treat the condition. It is important to be informed before a scheduled appointment. By learning on your own, you may gain insightful knowledge into the types of hernia treatment and therefore be more prepared with well-informed questions. Once you understand what the procedure entails, you may be ready to schedule an appointment for hernia repair surgery. Your hernia specialist will collect blood and urine samples to determine you are healthy enough for the surgery process. Be certain to inform the doctor of any medications you are currently taken, as you may be given a prescription for pain medication following the surgery.

Day of surgery

It will be advised not eat anything before the surgery and that someone accompany you to the surgery appointment and wait to take you home within the next few hours. This person may be a friend or family member and should be available to assist you for the next day or two, depending on your recovery time. You will be administered an IV for sedatives and medication. The surgery will be completed within the same day and you will be sent home within a matter of hours. If there are any concerns or questions, be sure to contact your Los Angeles hernia specialist for further hernia treatment information.


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