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Pre-Wedding Dishes

Posted May 26 2013 9:39pm

I have to say, since arriving home from Hawaii , I haven’t done much cooking. Really, nothing at all. I think one night I made frozen pasta with frozen vegetables. I think. I haven’t even cracked open a Bon Appetit or Food and Wine magazine, let alone the Rachael Ray Magazine I accidentally subscribed too (long story).

Cooking is like any major hobby – you might experience times of pure bliss, where your hobby of choice encompasses the entirety of your thoughts, waking you up in the middle of the night with a new idea, and gathering every bit of focus you can muster during the day. But that extreme mono-focus will exhaust you, leaving little brain power left (probably just enough to boil some macaroni, or if you’re lucky, slather cheese on a cracker). It’s during this time when other priorities sneak in to feast on your already damaged will and effort, moving your favorite hobby to the bottom of the list time and again.

It’s a cycle.

So now I’m gradually moving my favorite hobby to the top of my list (though it’s still below: wedding thank you cards, changing my last name, and emptying our house of the 6 foot pile of cardboard boxes that accumulated thanks to the wedding registry). We’re getting there.

The Bon Appetit magazine has creased corners where spring (now summer) recipes lie in wait.

My new sustainably-harvested wood fiber cutting board catches my eye every time I cross through the kitchen.

Matt bought himself a smoker as a wedding gift and he’s done more cooking than I have and now I’m jealous.

So to jumpstart this venture, here’s a few dishes I made before I spent the month of April in hiding, trying to plan a 200-person event while keeping my sanity. They were all memorable and dishes I hope to will recreate, as soon as my favorite hobby reaches the top of the list.

cauliflower pasta

This was a cauliflower pesto pasta from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. It was spectacular and this will probably be what brings me back into the kitchen.

stuffed poblano

Polenta stuffed poblano peppers topped with a warm tomato relish of sorts. A mish-mash of recipes that combined into the comfort food of the year.

prosciutto fig jam

A super simple appetizer I made for Easter – prosciutto and fig jam crostini. The fig jam (or cream cheese underneath for that matter) wasn’t handmade, but this was the perfect cold app, and a knockout with family. I can’t wait to make more variations.

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend and welcome to summer. Here’s to what’s in-season!

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