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Practicing Life

Posted Dec 12 2012 7:22am

Truth: Nolan requests to get out ASAP nearly every morning.

Truth: My days go much better when I can practice yoga.

Truth: One of my favorite yoga studios offers morning classes and child care.

Truth: Nolan cries a BIG! DRAMATIC! cry every time I drop him off.

Truth: Minutes later, when I peek in, he is having a great time and/or being cuddled. Every.Single. Time.

[Truth: Yoga is expensive. I am currently working through a Groupon I bought even before we cut extras out.]

Truth: Sometimes things that are difficult (emotionally or otherwise) are so very worth doing.

Nolan was born to a mother who loves him so very much, but who is also prone to anxiety. It pools in my chest, tightening and debilitating. I'd like to say he doesn't know yet, but kids are smart, and even if he doesn't know, he will if I don't get a handle on things. So far, I think I've done well outwardly.

Yoga, for me, is a place I can go to practice life- breathing in and out, sitting through uncomfortable situations, letting go of tension when all I want to do is tense up, living in each moment as I live's so very healthy for me mentally, emotionally, and physically; I know I need to figure how to make it a more regular part of my life. For my sake and for the sake of my little family.

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