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Power Yoga is HARD!

Posted Apr 22 2013 2:33pm
April 100 Update:
79.09 miles

Run 26.2 for Boston:
26.2 miles mid-long run on Sunday... a total of 30 miles run on the dot since last Monday. 

At 2:50PM Eastern Time today, pause for one minute of silence to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. May you rest in peace and may your families and friends find comfort. 

I might need to remind everyone that I am, in fact, a Certified Yoga Teacher. I talk so much about running on AHL (and let's be honest, everywhere else)... I wouldn't expect anyone to realize I actually love yoga too.
Picture of me pretending to be a Dancer made beautiful by EliseW Photography !
But, remember. I'm an  Un-Yoga Teacher . More like, I love fitness so much I can't leave it out of my yoga instruction. In fact, I like teaching the fitness aspect of yoga better than any other aspect because well, I get that part. I know it, I live it, and I breathe it (pun totally intended). 
Power Yoga, on the other hand. WHEW! It's hard. I've started a new Power Yoga class on Monday evenings. It's delicious. Kick your butt delicious, that is. 
You don't get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have. 
Sequences are faster, more vinyasa, more stay here and hold this for eternity, more sweat, sweat, sweat.
I'm calling this Power Yoga but really it's Get Sweati with Steffi (one of my students came up with that... clearly way too clever for my grey matter). It's yoga and training and strength and conditioning, and maybe I'll even find a way to work running into this mix. I kid. I kid. 
Want to know what this Power Yoga is all about? Come see me! 
p.s. I'm STILL trying to find a way to post vids to the blog. Some day my loves.
Hugs and love, Steffi
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