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Power of Essential Oils

Posted Sep 16 2009 8:22am

Essential oils used as therapy provide a whopping protection against viruses, bacterial infections, depression, weight gain and an over-anxious mind. I recently started diffusing essential oils in my home (as opposed to 'burning' them) after I became enlighted with the true healing facts of their properties once released into the air via diffusion. I must say, I feel like I have a new armor in my life - a defense against all that tries to "get" me!! On top of it, the smell of my home as I come in the door is just mind-blowing! I've been using the oils from Earth Angels  and love the unique blends and qualities. The "Nose Knows" is spectacular, and of course the relaxation blends are amazing...even for my dogs!

Two weeks ago, I was out of town and got hit with the flu virus. Within days I had a fever and congestion like no other. Luckily I got home within a couple of days and was able to start diffusing in my home. I used Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, rosemary and a blend from Earth Angels - I slept like a baby every night...without my mouth hanging open trying to get air. The congestion lifted and broke up immediately! I can't recommend it enough. If you have never used a diffuser, you should check out the ones at It will be the best $100 you ever spend! And, there's a coupon code to save on your order - AGNG.

Best health to you and yours!!

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