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Pot of Hearty Soup

Posted Sep 23 2010 12:00am

Good morning! Happy autumn :) I love this season. The weather is beautiful and I love when the leaves change color. Where I live the hiking is great, especially on the cliffs where you really enjoy the beauty. Can’t wait to go!

So yesterday I had a bit of an off day. One of the reasons why I read blogs and started my own was because I want to change my “all-or-nothing” way of thinking. I still struggle with letting things slide or not overreacting if I eat a piece of bread or a cookie (a healthy cookie even). Sometimes I’m okay with it, but other times I think I threw away my entire workout, get depressed, eat more, and well.. its a toxic cycle and I rather not going into any more detail. Its a battle I’ve been struggling with for a while, and hope to balance it all out very soon. I feel like each time it happens, a piece of my soul gets torn away. Its not me and I just want to go back to thinking the way I use to, without stressing over every bite of food. Its a battle that I hope to win one day, and soon.

Anyway, one way to de stress is to cook (which is ironic…). But anyway, I always cook healthy, especially when it is for the family. Last night’s dinner was a hearty soup full of great veggies

When I’m cooking, I kind of zone out into the mode of cooking, so that is pretty much the only photo I took. Opps. But anyway, into the pot went some avocado oil and about 5 garlics ( I was making a lot…) added some chopped carrot and celery, and pre-steamed kale. I only put in a few kale to be dispersed throughout the whole soup because I had steamed a huge pan of it and didn’t want it to overwhelm the soup

Mucho Kale.

So after steaming and adding some to the pot of veggies, I blended the rest with some water in the vita. It gave the soup a lovely dark greenish/brown hue. I also added corn, and reallly would have loved to add onion but someone in my family is allergic, so I had to leave it out. Also, tomatoes would be lovely here too.  Its important to season the veggies too with salt and pepper before adding the water- the flavors will be so much better.

I had an entire bag of trader joes “17 bean and barley mix” soaking and ready for the pot. After sauteing the veggies, I added the beans, and then added about 12 cups of water. I brought it to a boil and added salt to taste, along with a organic vegetable seasoning base

I don’t have exact measurements, just did everything by taste. To the water I added the kale puree- make sure to puree it really well because you don’t want a gritty base!

Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 1/2hour-45 min, depending on what veggies you use, etc. After cooking I added chopped basil and parsley. It came out sooo delicious! Sorry about not having any photos of the final product :(

What is your favorite soup to enjoy? I love them all.. tomato, vegetable, chicken noodle… has to be homemade though…yes I’m that spoiled :)

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