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Postpartum Depression Management Through Yoga

Posted Feb 07 2011 6:34am

Following the birth of a baby, yoga could be the finest and superlative exercise choice for its myriad health benefits like getting back to pre-pregnancy weight, tackling postpartum depression, proffering a sense of betterment and greater relaxation & balance. Though, women must always discuss with their physicians at their 6-week health check-up prior to re-starting any form of physical exercises post-baby.

Illustrative Guide to Yoga Poses for Postpartum Depression

Cobra Pose

This pose helps in relieving tensions felt in the back while also being an immense stress-reliever.

    Lying faced-down with stomach bracing the ground. Planting the palm areas on the ground close to the shoulders. Doing a deep inhalation & pushing up on the palms as one slides torso upwards and off the ground. Holding the posture, doing deep breathing for ten seconds prior to coming out of the pose and slide down to the ground.

Vipariti Karini Yoga Pose

The use of a cushion for completing this pose helps in relieving strain on the back, aids in uterine repositioning & relieving post-birth cramping in the legs.

    Positioning the cushion around 5 inches from a partition/barrier. Being seated on the cushion, with the right shoulder making contact with the barrier. Deeply breathing & lying down on the cushion & slide the legs upwards & along the barrier. Your butts must touch the partition whilst the legs are lying straight against it. This posture is to be held for ten seconds prior to the release to come to initial pose.

Downwards Faced Dog Pose

It is a fabulous spinal stretch move which is believed to allay mild depression – a must-do pose for females ailing from mild-ranging postpartum depression.

    Getting on the ground on your fours, placement of your hands at shoulder-width away. The fingers are to be outstretched & feet widened, while one raises the hip & butts towards the roof till one resembles an upturned ‘V’ letter using your body. The pose is to be held for ten seconds prior to letting go.

Rabbit Pose

Also known as Sasangasana helps in stimulating optimal thyroid functioning and alleviating depression .

    Being seated on heel areas. Extending arms backwards & grasping the sole areas of both foot. The chin is to be tucked to the trunk as one rounds forwards, hinge at the hip area & drop the head slowly towards the ground, with temples to touch the knees. The hips are to be lifted as one rests the temples of the head on the ground. Resting at ease for some inhalations/exhalations.

Sukhasana Pose

The gradual, conscious respiratory re-routes hormone signalling & assuages adrenal gland for stress-relief & allaying postpartum depression.

    Being seated on an coverlet that is folded-up (a minimum of 2 inch in thickness, ideally higher). Become cross-legged at the shin areas & resting hands on the lap, palm areas faced up. Keeping the posture straightened, though relaxing pelvic areas. Inhaling & extending the chin & spine forwards, then exhaling swiftly and then round the back. Repeating this and following the respiratory rhythm for half a minute.

Son of Brahma Pose

This pose helps in stimulating the stomach organs & relieving mild-ranging pains in the hips & back.

    Be seated with legs outstretched on the ground ahead of oneself. Drawing one of the legs back towards the pelvic area & planting foot on the ground. Reaching arm around the trunk, vertical shin & latching on to the wrist/ fingers of the other hand. Doing deep inhalation & while exhaling, leaning forwards above the outstretched leg.

Trikonasana Pose

This side-bending triangle yoga pose aids in re-establishing strength of the pelvic floor muscles & regaining leg strength.

    Standing in a manner with feet placed around two ft. away & turning your left foot in a manner that it forms a ninety degree to your right (frontal heel must be aligning with the rear foot). Reaching right and left arms outwards at level of shoulders & extending your trunk side-ways over your left leg whilst the hips are kept faced forwards. Placing the left hand just over the ankle & extending the right hand straight upwards towards the roof (looking up towards your right hand). The same is to be repeated on the other side as well.
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