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Post Workout Meals

Posted Sep 20 2011 10:37am

Good morning friends :) Hope you are having a good week so far! My life has gotten a little crazy lately, so I’m adjusting my new schedule. No biggie, just going with the flow and hope to get more posts in as time goes on. I am not in the fall spirit yet since it doesn’t start officially until Friday…therefore, I will continue to drink a cold shake in the morning after my workout ;) Even if it requires me to wear layers.. hehe. Shakes have been my go-to all summer until now because they are quick + easy + delicious, especially after exercising first thing in the morning.

I try to have a good balance of carbs, protein and  moderate fat so the carbs can quickly carry the protein to my muscles (I say moderate fat because fat takes long to digest- which isn’t what I want right after exercising. Quick digestion is key so nutrients can get to your muscles.)

Post workout meals are very important!! Mine is a recovery shake/ part of my breakfast, depending on the day, how hard I worked, etc, I will include more later on of course. Usually my shake will include:

- almond milk
-1 large frozen banana or frozen berries
- teras organic whey protein, OR sun warrior protein
-raw cocoa powder (if making chocolate shake- high in antioxidants!)
- chia seeds and ground flaxseed
-2-3 large handfuls of loose spinach
-cinnamon + ice

Replenishing glycogen stores right away is very important, and will help you preform better in your next workout. Do you know how long it took me to realize this and actually do it? And that the types of carbs really do matter? When I was training for my half marathon, I did not have an appetite at ALL after I ran. At.All. Eventually I would force food down once I got an appetite, and to be honest most of the morning and day I didn’t have any desire for food. It was a horrible cycle to be on. I was also very “puffy” and not happy with how my body looked. Granted, I was crushing some major fears and accomplishing awesome goals that I didn’t think was possible, but it wasn’t for me.

Looking back, I would have timed my eating much different, AND changed what I ate. I was basically eating little to no meat, and getting from protein from other sources that wasn’t working for my body. Trial and error, its the story of my life. Some things work for some people, some things don’t. I didn’t eat much meat for about 2 years and came to realize that I did not feel good. At all. I made this decision after reading and researching about how horrible animals are treated, what they’re fed, conditions they live in, etc. I did not want to even look at a piece of chicken. Well, over time after I started craving it again, I realized I need to switch things up. Now I feel amazing. Yikes!! Totally off topic, and I’ll save that for another post if your interested in hearing about it :)

Anyway, back to the post workout meal. This is what works for ME. I typically exercise right when I get up. And no, I don’t eat anything before hand. And yes, its okay to do that if you physically can. Before I go to bed I have a small snack, but when I wake up (unless I’m hungry–then I do my workout later on in the day, the goal here is not to burn off hard-earned muscle) I go straight into my workout which is anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Afterwards–quick shower—> shake. There is that small window of where your body needs something quick, and what your eating matters.

I’m not saying to be psycho about it, because chances are if you are reading this you have a good understanding of nutrition and eating well. But, if you are finding yourself in a plateau with weight loss and not seeing the results your working for, it might be time to switch up your diet (and when I say the word diet I mean lifestyle choice of eating, not a fad or anything related to deprivation) and switch up your exercise routine.

I have to say that I’ve come full circle in understanding nutrition and how important food is in regards to getting stronger, being lean, and most importantly, being healthy. This includes realizing that what works for someone does not necessarily work for me. Vegan or vegetarian does not work for me. Do I respect them their choices? Absolutely.  I’m not here to tell you how to eat. I’m just here to provide information on what worked for me and to share my own experiences with you because maybe you are in the same boat and can relate. Just stay true to yourself and try to find what makes you feel best.

Trust me when I say I have had my issues with food because there is so much information out there, and its easy to get wrapped up in it, which for many women it easily brings you down a road to an eating disorder. Been there done that, over it and happy where I stand now without letting the choices others make influence me or make me feel guilty.

On that note, I’ll stop there! I think this was wordy enough :) My point is: once I changed my nutrition around and kept it consistent, I saw changes and continue to see changes. I couldn’t be happier with how my body looks and feels right now, and I am proud to be saying that. It took a long time, but I am finally happy.

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Remember I’m not a physical trainer or dietician… Just an RN who did a lot of research and figuring things out on my own, and will always continue to learn.

And continue working on pull up reps + strength. And finding random places to do it :)


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