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post-workout hair tips: how i avoid showering

Posted Sep 03 2011 8:09am
(This post has been in the works for a long, LONG time. Let's just forget about that and consider it my official return to thrice-weekly blogging, kay?)

Yesterday I got a haircut, so it logically follows that today I won't be doing a heavy-duty workout.

This probably isn't too abnormal; I know we all try to preserve our pristine and perfectly-blown-out straight-from-the-salon hair as long as humanly possible. But my... "condition" may extend into uncharted territory.

You see, I don't like showering. Really despise it, in fact.  I feel that a shower needs to be earned, and that not just any workout can earn a shower. Even after a class where a work my butt off, like BodyPump or something similar, I don't always get sweaty, and afterward, I don't always wash my hair (though I will hop in the shower for a quickie on sweatier days). I need to really be drenched to warrant it, particularly because I find that my hair looks its best the second or third or fourth day after I washed it.

But, I don't let my aversion to showering keep me from the gym -- NEVER! So, dear readers (who have now probably scampered off to breathe cleaner air than that which surrounds my blog!), I present to you...

Nina's Guide To Avoiding the Shower
Hair Tips for a Hectic (or Lazy) Lifestyle:
You, too, can get that sought-after "crunchy" look!

Part I: She BANGS!When I decided I wanted a really hip hairstyle as a sophomore in college, if I had known that I would be writing a fitness blog, running 10 miles a week, and attending fitness classes that required use of my vision, I probably would have just grown my hair down to my butt and rocked the Urban Outfitters too-cool-to-brush-my-hair look instead of getting bangs. Three years later, the damage is done, and I can't look at my forehead without them!
I can tell you from experience that the fast lane to frustration, sweat, and a lot of pimples is doing nothing to your bangs while exercising. I've also found that hats, barrettes, and bobby pins all just annoy me more than they actually keep my hair out of my face, so I use headbands. 
  • For low impact cardio or weight training, I usually wear a wider, looser headband that doesn't put a crimp in my bangs, since I try not to shower afterward. If my bangs are weird looking when I take them out of the headband, I'll blowdry them into place or shape them with water/spray.
  • For running or a super bouncy class (if I ever went to Step again... God forbid!), I use Scunci No-Slip headbands. They leave a serious crimp in my bangs, but they USUALLY stay put without adjustment for an entire run or class...and are often so tight that they reduce blood flow to my head. Awesome!

  • Part II: A Sweaty Scalp
    Maybe you did break a sweat in that Cardio Sculpt class today, but you don't have time to shower before class or work. Never fear! If it's just close to your scalp that's a lil sweaty, but your strands aren't soaked through to their ends, I've found that blowdrying your scalp works just fine... and gives you extra volume throughout the day (I kid you not)!

    Post run: a shower or a chance to skip one...
    Part III: Calling in the Big Guns- The World of Dry Shampoos
    If you've never tried dry shampoo, you are really missing out. Whether your hair takes one day or one week to stop looking its best, dry shampoo can give your style another twelve hours (at least!) of oomph where there was no oomph to be found. They are generally clay-based mixtures that, when sprayed into your hair, soak up all the grease to be found. After letting the soaking happen, you brush the dry shampoo out, and your hair looks and smells great. I've tried:
  • Tresemme Fresh Start- Love it! Smells great and works really well.
  • Pssst! The "Original" Dry Shampoo- Honestly, I think this stuff smells and works worse than Tresemme.
  • I'm also hoping to try this organic, non-aerosol dry shampoo  as soon as I need a new bottle. 
  • Part IV: Post-Gym Hairstyles
    There is a smarter woman than me who really knows what styles work best with dirty hair. I generally find that my go-to styles are: the messy bun, the top knot (ie messy bun on top of my head) and the ponytail. What can I say, I'm more creative with the between steps...but I think I look okay when all's said and done
    My go-to pony. I believe a blowdryer was used to create
    this look after hitting the pavement.
    How often do you shower? How do you avoid it?

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