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Post T Day...the lost post

Posted Dec 01 2010 9:08pm

I have some free time tonight and since I just LOVE my Vaio so much, and you guys(wink wink), I'll try and recreate the lost post. Not sure how good it will be. The first time it was funny and witty. The second time it was just witty. I don't know if there is anything left but pictures, but I'll try.


I am so glad to be back in the gym, especially after eating one of these...


Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (the stuffing was butter, brown sugar, marshmallows, and toasted pecans) OMG SO GOOD!


And some of this...


Homemade mac & cheese...mmmmmmmm!


And one four so many I lost track... 


Oreo addictive!

These were all the things I made and contributed to my Mother's Thanksgiving feast. No worries though, I made sure and threw some turkey in there as well for some protein.


But now it's back on track and time to tighten up the reigns, cause there is a hot dress and even hotter pair of shoes I am wearing for New Year's. Chris is playing some swanky place and gets to bring a guest. Not sure why he chose me to bring(kidding), but I figured I better look good. He offered to pay for my dress, so of course I took him up on it. It is awesome and OMG, the shoes...yeah, they make the outfit. Normally I'm not a dress and heels girl at all, but for some reason I'm super excited about getting all pretty and spending New Year's with the most amazing man on the planet even if he will be up on stage playing all night and I will more then likely be sitting by myself drinking Gin & (diet) Tonics and thinking about the bad things I want to do to him when we get home.


Chris...Love You!

Ahem, but I digress...


Friday, after turkey day, I spent most of the day just laying around doing was awesome. Later in the evening Chris came over and with him brought...




 The whole box set! cool. He says I am spoiled, I say pfttttttttt.


Okay, maybe just a little.

I dub this month "The Little Black Dress Challenge" and vow to burn 1000 calories everyday through exercise, starting Friday. It shouldn't be to difficult. I burn 400 or more at Bob's every morning and i'll just have to make sure to do an hour of something each evening. The weekends will be a bit trickier. Sexy little black dress here I come.

Speaking of challenges, I so want to do this next September!



The one in Twin Lakes, WI is only a 4 hour drive, Woot!

If anyone is interested in joining me and making this a group thing, awesome! Let's start planning! I shot Tina an email, but she is either working herself to death or just ignoring me because I am crazy and hoping I'll go away. It just looks like so much fun and you get a cool warrior hat like the one pictured above! Best $40.00 spent ever.

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