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Posted Mar 03 2011 10:01pm

The doc said I’m not suppose to do anything “strenuous” for the next couple weeks. Fine. I wont (maybe), but he didn’t say anything about not doing an ab this!!

My man showed me some videos, and I laughed. I laughed a lot. Maybe it just felt like I laughed a lot because it KILLED my stomach & my wounds. Check this one out (sorry if my laughing offends anyone!!)...

Awesome! Watch it again for a really good workout AND don’t forget to pay attention to the message this time!!
Have you ever heard of WIMP.COM ?! They post the day’s most watched videos from youtube. So you know they are gonna be good ones. My man also showed me this one -

So, there you go. My ab workout for the day!! Hope you got one too!!

Here’s one more but I only have the link: –>


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