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Post-Run Stretches for Runners.

Posted Apr 30 2013 9:42pm

The temperature hit the 80s today!  Us Chicagoans needed that.  It was so depressing when the weather lady stated that we have not hit 80s degrees in 7 months.  With the spring weather runners are out in full force and running season is well underway.  Whether you trained all winter or you are just getting back into running aches, pains, and injuries are you worst enemy.  Nothing is worse than having to take some time off because you didn't take the time to stretch.  Here are three easy, effective, and feel good or "hurt so good" stretches so ward off those pains.  I call them post-run stretches because static stretching should be reserved for after your run, pre-run you are looking for a more dynamic warm-up with movements that mimic running (blog post on dynamic warm-ups coming soon!).  Complete each of the following stretches for 30 seconds-1 minute, allow your body to relax into the position but do no force the stretch.   

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