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Post Baby Body: 4 Months Postpartum

Posted Jan 17 2012 7:32am

Sunday we celebrated Hailey’s 4 month birthday. I sang to her. She loved it.

Hailey 4 month 1

I’ll do a post this week about all that she’s been up to (because it’s quite a lot!), but this post is about Hailey’s mama.

At 4 months postpartum I feel wonderful. Dare I say back to normal? Whatever normal is…

Exercising is going great. I don’t have any pain and I no longer feel like my insides are going to fall out when I bounce or run. Thanks to a new sports bra I feel well supported. I’m working out about 4 days a week right now. I’m loving pushing myself with the Couch to 10k program. I’m just finished up week 8 and am moving on to week 9. I also love going weekly to pilates at the gym. It’s reminding me of where my abs are supposed to be. I’m getting there Smile

one week to four months postpartum

Eating has been going great, too. Like I mentioned yesterday, after my refresher with In Defense of Food, I’m even more motivated to continue to eat healthy and explore new foods. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a cold brewski or chips and salsa, but 90% of the time I’m eating really clean- lots of veggies and very few processed foods. After the holidays, it feels SO good to be back on track and I can tell a difference in my energy levels.

1 week to 4 months postpartum 2

Overall, I’m feeling really proud of myself. It’s not always easy to find time to work out and prep healthy meals for the week. I write my gym time on my calendar and view it as an appointment I can’t miss. Even if I drag myself there, I leave on an endorphin high. Evenings are somewhat hectic with playing with Hailey and trying to make dinner, but I balance it the best I can because putting healthy food on our plates is important to me. Some days I need an extra hug and to hear ‘you’re doing a great job’ and I’m lucky that Hubbs is there to provide that support, which really helps keep me going.

  3 months 4 months difference in the last month difference from right before delivery
right arm 10” 10” 0 -.75”
high waist 28” 27.5 -.5” -6”
around belly button 32” 31.5 -.5” -11”
hips 37.5” 36.5” -1” -4.5”
right thigh 21.5” 21.25” -.25” -2.25”
right calf 12.5” 12.5” 0 -.75”
weight 116 lbs 114.5 lbs -1.5 lbs -29 lbs


Over the holidays I wasn’t exercising much and wasn’t eating as clean as I like, so I was very surprised to see the drop in a few categories! I feel like the results show that I don’t have to be perfect, as long as I get myself back on track after I veer off.

And if the numbers don’t show it, this picture does!

1 week to 4 months postpartum 3

It appears that not only did I lose a few LBs, I also gained some decent posture and less tired eyes Winking smile

Goal for this next month- focus on my arms! On that note… off to pilates!

What’s your favorite arm exercise to get the upper arms nice and toned?

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