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Post Baby Body: 2 Month Postpartum

Posted Nov 17 2011 9:18am

It’s been 2 months now since sweet Hailey came into the world and we’re both working on our bodies. She’s working on growing and I’m working on shrinking! ;)

Hailey’s 2 month checkup was yesterday and though I dreaded it because she had to get shots (more painful for me than for her!), I was excited to get her stats.

Hailey 2 months

She weighs 11 pounds 9 ounces – 75th percentile

They measured her twice because they were so surprised she grew a whole 2 inches in one month making her now 23 inches long – 75th percentile

Baby girl is growing like a weed!

She is very interactive and smiles when we talk and sing to her.  Her arm movements are becoming less jerky and she can get her hands in her mouth when she wants them there.  Her eyes follow objects and she loves ‘reading’ books and looking in the mirror.  She can hold her head up for extended periods of time when on her belly. She’s sleeping 9-10 hours a night and eating every 3 hours during the day.

I’ve received a few more questions about Hailey and plan to post about them, so keep sending them :)

Hailey 2 month smiles

Now, to Hailey’s momma.

1 Month Postpartum 2 Month Postpartum Difference Difference from right before Delivery
Right Arm 10” 10” 0 -.75”
High Waist 30.5” 28.5” -2” -5”
Around Belly Button 34.5” 34.5” 0 -8”
Hips 38.5” 38” -.5” -3”
Right Thigh 22” 21.5” -.5” -2”
Right Calf 12.5” 13” +.5” -.75”
Weight 120.5 lbs 119.5 -1 lb -24 lbs


Looking at this, it makes me really wish I would have measured my bust area before and after.  I’m up a size in bras and don’t see any signs of that changing anytime soon.  However, I don’t think I have an extra SIX pounds in my bra, which is how much I have left to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

one month postpartum - front view

2 month postpartum front view

I’m trying not to focus to much on the scale, though I must admit it is frustrating when the weight fell off so quickly in the beginning to only lose 1 lb in entire month.

one month postpartum - side view 2 month postpartum sideview

It’s been so long since I’ve had to lose weight, that this is a new challenge for me.  It’s a little bit trickier this time, too, because I need to make sure I don’t lose my milk supply, which can happen if you cut calories or exercise too much.

one month postpartum - side view bare belly 2 month postpartum sideview b

However, I’m ready to develop a plan. I’m 2 months postpartum and I’m feeling really great, so physical discomfort due to labor is no longer an excuse (which I’m happy about!).

This post has been long enough for today, but tomorrow’s post will be a continuation. I’m going to breakdown what I’ve been doing, what I think I’m doing wrong and my plan going forward!

It’s time to take frustration and turn it into motivation!

What do you think is more challenging: losing weight or maintaining?

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