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Post Baby Body: 1 Month Postpartum Progress

Posted Oct 14 2011 9:13am

I can not believe that an entire month (tomorrow!) has flown by since Hailey finally graced us with her presence.  The past month has been filled with challenges, a little less sleep and more love than I ever could have imagined.

Hailey is doing wonderfully. In this past month she has learned how to breastfeed efficiently, to hold her head up for long spurts during tummy time, take a bottle, suck on a pacifier (kind of- it still falls out of her mouth sometimes), to sleep SEVEN hours at a time at night and to give smiles on purpose (I’m convinced!).



See above… she doesn’t always hate my bows :)


Oops… maybe she does.

She’s also been out and about a lot, which I’m loving.  Last night I got to introduce her to our Charlotte Book Club!

Charlotte Blogger Book Club

Despite having to go through 2 outfit changes and 3 diapers, she did pretty well- especially since it was my first big outing completely on my own.

So that’s what Hailey has been up to… but what about me?

Well, you know I haven’t been able to exercise like I want because my second degree bilateral tears are still healing. Those sound fun, right? ;)   However, I did manage to go on my first real walk the other day- 30 minutes long and it felt great. Hopefully more are in the near future.

Photo Oct 12, 12 14 17 PM

My eating has been mostly healthy, though I’ve been eating out a lot.  What can I say? I’m excited to get out of the house and cooking hasn’t made a full return to my life yet.  I’m currently focusing on my daily vegetable intake and making sure it’s up to par.

Now for the numbers.






125.5 lbs

120.5 lbs

-5 lbs

1 Week Postpartum

1 Month Postpartum


Difference from right before Delivery

Right Arm

High Waist





Around Belly










Right Thigh





Right Calf





-23 lbs


Now- pictures! The first pictures (greenish background) are 1 week postpartum and the blue-ish background are 1 month postpartum. Again, these were no sucking in or flexing… against my better instincts!

I won’t lie… these aren’t the best pictures. I’ll talk to my photographer (Hubbs) about that!

1 week post partum front view one month postpartum - front view

1 week post partum side view 2 one month postpartum - side view

1 week post partum side view one month postpartum - side view bare belly

Overall thoughts? I’m pretty happy with where I’m at, but I’m really struggling with how soft I feel.  However, I know everyday that passes is one day closer to getting back to exercising and that keeps me motivated!

Goals for this next month –keeping my post baby body plan in mind:

  • more veggies everyday
  • get back in the kitchen and make dinner a couple nights a week
  • 30-45 minute walks 2-3 times per week until I feel well enough to increase the frequency.

Overall, I feel really great.  I refuse to compare myself to others and how much exercising they were doing at this point.  I had hoped staying active during pregnancy would allow me to get back out there quickly, and although my body as a whole is ready to go, my poor lady parts need a little more time :)

Whew- and there you have it- a doozy of a post for a Friday! Have a fabulous weekend!

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