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Posted Jan 13 2013 8:55am
I've been fluctuating a lot lately. Mood, energy level, body image: they're all subject to the whims of my current state of mind.

It has always been difficult for me to deal with uncertainty. By far the most stressful periods in my life (and, I would wager, anyone's life) are periods of transition. And boy, do I have a lot of that going on right now: moving to a semi-permanent home, finishing school, finding a job, getting married. These are all HUGE.

So I should cut myself some slack when I feel down in the dumps.

That being said, I'm going to focus more on positivity. One of my 2012 Goals was to treat every action throughout each day with positivity and respect, and I think it truly changed the way I conceive of the world.

I've used this photo before, but it's such a good way of
encapsulating presence!

Working, going to school full time and otherwise juggling some stressful life events has made me a little jaded, though. To bring that positivity-focused outlook back, I'm going to be posting what I'm grateful for on Facebook and Twitter each morning. I have a tiny notebook that I sometimes remember exists in which I list things I'm grateful for. It's nice in principle, except I never got into the habit of filling it in on a daily basis. Enter social media, where I will be held accountable -- at the very least, by Mike -- for these posts.

I'm hoping finding one thing I can be grateful for each day will help me focus on another intangible goal of mine: focusing on the present. I'm a planner, and although I try to remind myself to "cross that bridge when I come to it," instead I waste precious hours making all sorts of contingency plans that never come to fruition. It's great to be prepared, of course, but there's a point -- a point which I passed long ago, given my current state of flux -- where you can't plan anymore and you just have to wait for things to happen.

Being present every day will allow me to check in with my body emotionally as well as physically and make the best of every day, be it during workouts, work or school. I've already been feeling better since I forced this doctrine of positivity on myself.

How do you maintain a positive attitude during times of stress? Join me and tweet what you're grateful for - use the hashtag #positivitychallenge. I've committed to the challenge until I find a full-time job, but you can join in for as short or long as you need the power of positivity :)
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