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Popular Dell PA-10 Adapter Issues and Their Remedies

Posted Jul 11 2013 8:01am

Dell PA-10 adapter  is an essential accessory, particularly if you like working outdoors, or in areas of direct power outlet. It supplies the correct voltage needed to charge a battery to capacity, or power a laptop directly when you are working close to an electrical power outlet. Unfortunately, as a PA-10 adapter grows old, or becomes worn out because of "physical abuse," it malfunctions often, driving its user to insanity. When you notice that your Dell PA-10 charger develop intermittent charging issues, induces frequent power surges, or fails to power your Dell battery to capacity or power your laptop optimally, never rush into the first computer store you identify in your area and buy a replacement Dell adapter for your laptop. Do the following to remedy such flaws, and spring the adapter to life:


Intermittent Charging Issues

Did you know that over 80% of individuals who own a Dell PA-10 charger experience intermittent charging issues as their accessories grow older? Inability to charge the  Dell battery  in your laptop at some point can be frustrating, especially if you depend on your laptop at your workplace or school. To repair a laptop that has frequent charging issues, the first thing you should do is to understand what causes the problem. Dell PA-10 chargers develop charging issues because of two key reasons: first, when the wires connecting the charging pin to the rest of your Dell adapter break or become losses, they interrupt the flow of electricity. Second, when the power inlet, usually on the motherboard in your laptop fails, it can also disrupt the flow of power, and cause such charging issues. Do the following the remedy this flaw: First, test whether your adapter or the motherboard in your laptop is causing the problem. Remove the battery in your laptop and use a working charger to test the power inlet. If your laptop powers on well, test the Dell adapter in question with a voltmeter to make sure it is supplying sufficient voltage. Reattach the charging pin using solder and a soldering rod and replace other faulty wires to get your PA-10 adapter working well again.


Frequent Power Surges

A Dell PA-10 adapter supplies a specified amount of charge, enough to charge a battery to capacity or power a laptop as well. If for some reason, the regulator in the adapter's charging brick fails, you might experience frequent power surges, with damaging consequences. For instance, when your Dell PA-10 chargers supply a higher or lower than required charge, it can easily degrade your battery, and cost you a lot of money in the end. Worse, the adapter can shot the internal component of your laptop (motherboard, etc.) and render it unusable without warning. Lower the risk of the foregoing, by doing the following: First, test the voltage of your  PA-10 charger. If you notice that it is supplying less or more than required charge, there is a high chance that a component of your adapters charging block is damaged. Pry open the adapter transformer using a screwdriver and look out for electrical damage. This can range from blowing out components, blackened accessories, or smell of burnt plastic. Replace all damaged components by yourself or hire a reputable technician to do it for you, to restore the good working condition of your PA-10 adapter.


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