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Pollypill: A Miracle Drug

Posted Aug 13 2012 2:05am
Cipla the leading drug manufacturing company has conducted an extensive research and the result of it is the manufacturing of a four in one combination. This medicine is a wonder drug which tackles more than one ailment. One of them is that this drug is a combination of three hypertension commonly known as blood pressure medicines besides a drug to keep the cholesterol levels in control. The name of this wonder drug is Pollypill

Pollypill is a c which acts like a life saver as it prevents the occurrences of stroke and heart attacks in many patients. Thus, we can see that Pollypill is really effective to save many lives across the globe.

Pollypill drugResearch was conducted on a small sample group of 84 people above the age of 50, with no history of heart disease, at random were given the Pollypill every night for three months. At the end of the quarter the results reported that Poypill reduced blood pressure by 12% and LDL cholesterol by 39%.There were also significant reductions in the Apolipoprotien- B, the total cholesterol with no effect on HDL cholesterol. Thus, we can safely come to the conclusion that due to the advantages of Polypill there was a marked reduction of 72% and 64% in the rates of ischemic heart disease and stroke, respectively.

Dr. David Wald, the principal investigator of the trial summarized that the results looked very promising and if taken regularly by people approaching the age of 50 and above then they would be successful in preventing the occurrence of heart attack and stroke besides keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  The result also calculated that regular consumption would add 11 years of healthy lifestyle on an average to the people who consumed this.

This comes as a good news for people as hypertension, strokes and heart attacks are on a all time rise due to increasing stress in our everyday life. Cholesterol is another ailment which is spreading its deadly fangs with the advent of instant meals and quick grabs. Therefore Pollypill also tackles this problem effectively and is a boon in today’s world.

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