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Please keep the spirit of freedom which marriage

Posted Mar 11 2014 2:27am
Many women often complain that love when he never felt that I Guandetaiduo , but also take the initiative to report the whereabouts of his own , 24 hours and I are willing to stick together , why he married very disgusted with what I asked his whereabouts ? Difference is that men love women 's favor in order to discuss the initiative will be turned over to freedom, and women should have this as their right to marriage for granted inventory man, this time a man who is not voluntary , of course, feel very disgusted with it. Have nothing to gas , which is the nature of men , men born not love bondage freedom, they can temporarily compromise, but do not think so let this become the norm. Different men and women 's attitude towards marriage and love . Most of the women as the cause of marriage and love to run , will instinctively have to put all the energy , but also that men should stand on its own and own the same position . But the men will not put marriage and love life as among the most important things to run. This does not mean that men who think marriage and love is not important, just like the women did in the first place . Fear of Marriage For many men , the fear of loss of freedom is very important willing . Marriage is an art to the blank
Fear of bondage is the nature of man , women also worry about the nature of love . If you want a long and happy marriage , you must learn in marriage which is left blank, the spirit of freedom to leave each other . Men to freedom was not that complicated, they really just want to be able to married life in which there are some things that do want to own their own affairs without interference disturbed and time . Women know how to give a man wise spiritual freedom , when men want to know how to be alone indifferent. In fact, this is enough for the men . Maybe women will feel wronged , feels that he has wholeheartedly devote themselves to the family , why the men to leave their spiritual freedom? In fact, the men did not actually turn requires a woman to completely dedicate their families . Marital status is good , another in marriage still retain their own preferences, leave enough private time and space. For example , you can have your own time alone , many couples live together in time , the remaining time can be left to the individual. Learn to love yourself more than to divert attention

Sometimes women to focus entirely on the man 's body , because to give up their hobbies . Women are not home machines. Smart woman I know is still in the family life of good love yourself. There are so many fun and interesting things you can do , so why put attention on men, but it angered uncomfortable ? Look at the books , all sorts of flowers , studying under the cooking, and girlfriends get together , or traveling alone, these are the marriages were very good attempt . You know how to operate their spare time , and naturally do not want to stick together , and the other 24 hours , to give breathing space to each other , the marriage will naturally not suffocate .
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