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Playing Hard

Posted Dec 05 2012 9:13am

I’ve found a balance between working hard and playing hard – and I love it. In our Western culture, we’re expected to “go, go, go” all the livelong day. We’re expected to work hard and clock 60-hour work days because it shows “honor” and somehow makes you “better.” But what about the honor of respecting yourself and listening to yourself? When I graduated in May, I made a promise to myself: I would work hard at what I love and play hard later on.

Right when I get up, I begin my day with a workout or yoga followed by meditation. Then, it’s off to work – either from home, at the weight loss clinic, Mind Body Barre , or my retail job. I work hard all day and bring passion to what I do. After work, it’s play time. Bye bye technology (with the exception of Instagram and Twitter – guilty) and hello chilling out. For me, it’s typically yoga,  playing piano/singing , reading, writing, or meditation. Or a mish-mosh of all the above. 

My dad is away on business this week and Matty is staying with me at my condo. Despite us being together for four years, I have to admit I was a little weary of him staying with me. I’m a very independent person and I have a good flow going for myself right now. My ego was saying, “Girrrl, he’s going to interrupt your routine.” I sloughed it off as crazy talk … because it was. Matty living here has been awesome. It’s easy – just like most parts of our relationship. And the best part? When he comes home from work, it’s play time!

Matty started a new job this week and I love being the one he comes home to at night. It makes me feel good to welcome him home with open arms. It also gives us the opportunity to go out and play hard after workin’ hard! Last night, we went to Rasoi , our favorite Indian restaurant, for dinner. We were so engulfed in conversation that I forgot to take pictures of my food! .

I do, however, have a picture of my post-Indian-food-consumption-happy-girl-face.

Zen eyes, baby.

Rasoi make us happy and embrace playing hard. The staff knows us quite well and we love talking to the waiters. It’s home. After Rasoi, we headed over to Wildflour for some hot drinks (decaf coffee for me and a soy hot chocolate for him) and a ginger-molasses cookie for Matty.

Creepin’ behind the decaf coff.

Playing hard rules.

How are you playing hard today? It’s like breathing – essential to everyday life. There are so many aspects of our lives that make up our truth. Playing hard is so vital to getting to know yourself and giving yourself permission to be free, authentic you.

Stay lovely,

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our favorite day of the week: J’adore la vie! If you have a submission, email me at heather[at]fortheloveofkale[dot]com!

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