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Played pertussis flu shot Impossible to lifelong immunity

Posted Nov 27 2012 4:26pm
Many people think that childhood played pertussis vaccine, can be a life-long immunity, in fact, this is a mistaken belief.  Hermes bag   The pediatrician suggested that people should be at least every 10 years receive a pertussis booster injections to themselves and their families, Hermes handbags outlet  especially the infants in the home, and get better protection.

Although most young children have received local the pertussis basic immunization, Birkin bag hermes  but Dr Hai Bolin, director of the Dean and pediatric infectious diseases department of clinical trials in Canada Center respondents pointed out that the effectiveness of such vaccination lasted only 2067, with the young children grew older, Hermes constance  the body of pertussis immunity becomes weaker.

Whooping cough is a respiratory infection caused by Bordetella pertussis, is highly contagious,  Hermes kelly bags   easily transmitted more than a cold, lethal much more serious than a cold. The pertussis clinical features include cough gradually increased, paroxysmal spasmodic cough, the end of a special breathing roar untreated patients, Hermes wallets  the course for two or three months, hence the name "whooping cough".

Worldwide every year, 40 million people suffering from whooping cough, and the deaths of up to 36 people. Hermes bearn wallet  Therefore, some countries such as Canada have the scheme mandatory for 7-year-old and 15-year-old youth in pertussis booster injections.

Adults every 7-10 years should be carried out to strengthen the immunization

Haibo Lin doctor said: "The ideal of course is to make adults once every 7-10 years to strengthen immunization,  Hermes belt   but the national allowance so many people, and to force them to accept the injection was not easy, therefore ultimately have to rely on people's take the initiative. "

Whooping cough severity varies from person to person, and some have as general cough and some cough could not sleep,  Cheap hermes belt   and even bone pain. Nevertheless, persistent cough of several weeks will affect the lives of patients and their studies or work.

He pointed out that many adults suffering from whooping cough, cough very hard, but will continue to fight back down. Hermes watch  In addition, some of the symptoms of pertussis and other diseases difficult to distinguish, so doctors often can not determine whether a person is suffering from whooping cough.

He said: "Although deaths from pertussis in adults less than 1%, but if the family has not yet accepted the immunization of infants, Hermes h watch  their risk of infection will be up to 85%."

Some foreign survey shows that infants less than six months, Hermes bangle  once suffering from whooping cough, 70% will have become a serious condition and requires hospitalization. Therefore, doctors recommend that those families with young children or regular contact with young children, such as health care workers, nursery school teachers,  cheap hermes jewelry   etc., have been actively accept the pertussis booster injections to prevent the disease to their children.

Private pediatrician Meihua respondents revealed local about 20 babies a year suffer from whooping cough.

Dr. Li Meihua said: "The baby in 3 months, 4 months, Hermes boots  5 months, receive continuous the three pertussis basic immunization if they are exposed to the virus before the completion of the injection process, the probability of infection in the local, still high infant illness after illness tend to be more serious, Hermes shoes women  especially a couple of months old baby, they may cough can not breathe, causing life-threatening. "
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