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Plate it. Always. End of Story.

Posted Aug 02 2011 11:56am

It’s all about accountability and easy tracking.  Whether I’m in my own kitchen, or at a party or picnic, or at one of the hordes of fundraiser and charity events with buffets or appetizer spreads, I take the time to create one large plate of food or two small appetizer plates.  Then, I’m done.

Doing so permits me to see truly see the portions, to pick and choose only my favorites, and to have a filling dinner without blowing my Easy Skinny Life.  Picking or grabbing never feels substantial or real, yet it adds up much faster than you know.

Ever noticed what occurs when you eat food directly out of the pot, pan or package, or snag the kid’s leftovers, or keep grabbing an appetizer here or there during a party?  The total volume of food enters a black hole of accountability that is impossible to easily keep in check.  Don’t do it.

Also, I don’t serve “family style” at home whenever possible.  Food is plated in the kitchen by both the adults and kids, and our family table is free from clutters of mindless second and third helpings staring at us.  Some parents may protest this, but it works for our Easy Skinny Life.

Plate it.  Always.  End of story.

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