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plastic surgeons in Boston - Have stubborn, unwanted body fat? Get rid of it ASAP!

Posted Jul 12 2012 6:20am
It has been estimated that there are 1 billon adults across the world who are overweight, with 300 million of them falling under the category of “clinically obese”. In 2012, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a study stating that, in 2009, approximately two-thirds of all American adults were overweight, and of those who were overweight, over half were clinically obese. Although a good portion of this epidemic of overweight people can be attributed to certain lifestyle habits that are becoming increasingly dominant, such as poor dieting choices and a lack of exercise, there are some overweight and obese people out there who, no matter how hard they exercise and eat right, simply cannot seem to shed the pounds and lose their unwanted body fat.
It is these people who can benefit most from the ability of modern liposuction techniques to instantly eliminate the stubborn body fat that won’t disappear despite exercising and eating a proper diet- allowing plastic surgeons in Boston to help their patients achieve the body aesthetics that they have been desiring.
In 2011, according to statistics given by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction, or as it is technically known, lipoplasty, was the most sought after surgical cosmetic procedure, with 325,332 liposuction procedures performed. The popularity of liposuction can perhaps be explained by its effectiveness with removing excess body fat from virtually anywhere on the body, whether it be the abdomen, the inner thighs, the hips, the back, or the buttocks immediately, and by the fact that the surgical removal of this excess body fat essentially means that the patient will eliminate their unwanted fat pretty much immediately, with full results occurring several weeks, and in some cases, months, after the liposuction procedure.
It is worth mentioning that there is a potential additional benefit to liposuction in Boston than simply providing an avenue for a patient to get the body contours that they desire: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have conducted a preliminary study showing liposuction procedures that have removed fat tissue from heavily-padded areas of the body lowered a patient’s cholesterol levels by reducing the amount of harmful fat circulating within the patient’s blood.
Within this study, 229 patients who had liposuction procedures had their triglyceride (a type of fat that is necessary to human survival, but can have harmful and potentially life-threatening effects in excessive amounts) levels measured before and after the procedure. Although patients who already had healthy triglyceride levels before the procedure showed no change in triglyceride levels after the procedure, the patients who did have unhealthily high triglyceride levels showed a 43% reduction in triglyceride levels after the procedure.
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