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Plastic Bottles..What's up with the numbers??

Posted Jun 07 2010 3:12pm

Since I wrote "To Be or Not to Be Organic", a list of the top 12 items that MUST be bought organic due to the hideous amounts of toxic pestisides (also known as "the dirty dozen"), I have been thinking (obsessing) about other ways to ensure a healthy life...things that are under our control, simply by being smart and making the right choices. One thing that comes to mind that has received a lot of recent press is plastic bottles. Here's what I found...

*According to http:, it is not recommended to refill plastic bottles made from #1 plastic.

*Many #7 bottles contain Bisphenol, a harmful xenoestrogen that may interfere with human hormonal messaging.

*Numbers 2 (high density polypropylene), #4 (low density polypropylene), and #5 (polypropylene) should be safe.

*As for baby bottles, use glass or #2 HDPE

source: yale sustainability blog

That's my two cents on the subject. Part of being a Skinny Beast should also include being a Happy and Healthy Beast. Good luck finding the #2 (hehe), #4, or #5...they're tough to find. I've been flipping a lot of bottles over lately, and the majority are #1's.
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