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#plantPOWER Round II: Y is for…YOGA!

Posted Feb 25 2013 12:44pm

Let’s kick off the work week with xacuti! Yeah, Kasey and I had no clue what that was until yesterday either, thanks to Megan!

For our “x” highlight, we wanted to feature the amazing Megan (@gamene) and her incredible  Instagram  account.


“I searched far and wide to find a suitable dish or ingredient to highlight on “X”-Day! And man did I hit the jackpot with Xacuti (pronounced SHA-kooti), a Goan (South Indian) curry dish traditionally made with chicken, but here veganized using chewy seitan. It’s absolutely delicious and will definitely be added to my regular dinner rotation — the leftovers only get better as the flavors marry further; it’s good hot or cold (making it a good take-to-work option); it would be good over rice or quinoa, or even in a whole wheat wrap. So, THANK YOU again Heather and Kasey – without this alphabet challenge I might not have ever discovered this gem! The key to xacuti is the curry paste that you grind from a combination of exotic spices. Although the different recipes I sourced used slightly different combinations of spices, my recipe below uses the ingredients that were most commonly repeated from recipe to recipe. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new spice cabinet’s worth of ingredients to make this, but please do yourself a favor and try out this process of blending your own curry paste — it’s a sensory experience and really make the finished dish your own.”

Isn’t she amazing? If you’re not following her on Instagram, do it. This girl is making #plantPOWER waves with her beautiful creations.


Y is for…yoga!


You might be thinking, “Okay, Heather. What the hell does yoga have to do with #plantPOWER?” For me, everything. Yoga hasn’t changed what I eat but yoga has directly affected the manner in which I eat.

We all know or are at least familiar with yoga’s mind-body connection. I admit that my initial reason for doing yoga was totally not for a mind-body connection. Back in July, I discussed how I still have an irregular period . I also said that I would be greatly decreasing my intense workouts and trading them in for gentle workouts and light-weight strength training.

I didn’t want to stop working out all together because I genuinely love it. But I also knew that I needed to do what was best for my body and I knew that any sort of HIIT workouts were doing me a disservice if I wanted to get my period to become regular again. So, I traded HIIT for yoga, barre, and pilates. At first, it was really difficult for me to adjust. I felt my ego creeping in and telling me  I wasn’t getting an efficient workout in if I was not doing cardio. I realized that I was fearful of omitting cardio from my life. And that was the exact reason why I had to become willing to release cardio from my life. So, I did. I surrendered my fear of cardio to the Universe and prayed for a miracle.

As a result of stepping into and releasing that fear, I grew and the miracle came. The miracle was yoga. This is the pattern of happiness. We have to face our fears in order to experience growth. And when we experience growth, we experience miracles

Through yoga, I’ve really embraced this mind-body connection. I’ve started to take notice of my breath and make my exhales deeper than my inhales. This calms the mind, reduces anxiety, and really amps up my creativity. I love repeating mantras to myself throughout my yoga practice too, like “I am strong,” “I am abundant, and “I am free.” The more I practice yoga and the more I repeat these affirmations, the more connected I become to my authentic truth and intuition. Practicing what you want + growing into what you want to become = becoming it.

Now, what does this have to do with food? In a word, everything. As I started to find my flow state, I started to think twice about transitioning this sort of practice into my eating habits. Who says I have to eat every two to four hours? Who says that I have to have greens at every meal? There were certain principles that, while they were healthy for my body, were not totally healthy for my mind. I was still hanging onto them simply because I’d learned them in my early days of recovery three years ago. It was time to let them go. Sometimes, I’m hungry an hour after eating. Sometimes, I’m hungry five hours after eating. Sometimes, I don’t want kale or spinach or collard greens (gasp!) with my meal. And that’s cool with me. 

I want to feed the world in my own words. On my own terms. Thanks yoga for helping me realize that. You. Are. Awesome.

Stay lovely,

Alright, you all! If you haven’t checked out Kasey’s BOMB recipe , get on it. Yam boats with sweet cinnamon hummus?! YES PLEASE.

Don’t forget you have until TOMORROW at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter ALL 10 giveaways!

You have until February 26 at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter ALL giveaways! GOOD LUCK!!


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