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Planting our garden, starting composting

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

We are starting a garden again this year.  After a semi successful start last year (above picture), we are trying again, this time with one more squarefoot garden raised bed and a modified mix made of compost(cow manure, leaf compost), vermiculite and peat moss.

We also made a  Garbage CanCompost Bin  which will be ready for next year or sooner - it's our first time so I will report back.  To make it I drilled holes in the trash bin which are about 1/4 inch in diameter; cleaned it out and started piling our kitchen scraps.  I also composted some junk mail, newspapers, and trimmings from my lawn. 

It's great to know that this also saves these from the landfill and will be put into good use.  My county should look at this exapmle of a  citywide composting in SF   It's definately going to save everyone on trash bills - our trash output so far has cut by more than  half! Here is a list of what can be composted from recycling revolution

Almost all yard waste can be added to your compost. 

leavesgrass clippingstwigs
thatchgarden plantsflowers
unused potting soil and mixstraw 

Much of your food waste can be composted. 

egg shellscoffee groundstea leaves and bags
vegetable and fruit scraps and peelscorn cobsstale bread and cereal
nut shellsflourrice

Other items that you can compost include:

human hairfeatherssmall amounts of wood ash
wood chipsdead insectsvacuum bag contents

What shouldn't I compost?

Some items either do not degrade well, attract insects and pests, or might contain diseases or chemicals that would contaminate the compost. 

dairy productsdiseased plantshuman and pet feces (including kitty litter)
mayonnaisesalad dressingpeanut butter
lardother fatty items

This year we are going to be planting  beets, carrots, red chard, lettuce, and some herbs - parsley, basil, chives, tomatoes, collards, kale, arugula, radishes, watermelon, beans, peppers, cucumbers. 

We may also look into a blueberry bush and more strawberries.

I am looking into a way to convert the rainwater for my garden by using a Rain Barrel 
It was suggested to me by my friend who has one.  

Found some good sites for gardening... 

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