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Planting my "running seed"

Posted Aug 03 2011 1:01am
I have only been a long-distance runner for a year now.  Post-college softball, I ran 3-4 miles to fit in my pants.  In high school, I was a sprinter and jumper. Remember my Throwback Post of high school track pictures?

My friend since age 11, Anna, encouraged me to run competitive track & field in middle school with her. Besides my active parents, she helped plant the figurative "running seed".

She is also "the friend" that beat me by an inch--yep, an inch--for the State Championship here.

We met playing youth softball, remained teammates every summer till college and are friends to this day.  We even fulfilled bridesmaid duties the same summer.
 Anna, Jenny and Me
I got to meet up with my dear friend recently and her beautiful family.  My camera lens got smudged, so don't think Anna is a vampire.

More proof that bi-racial babies are pretty darn cute, right?  There are already bids out on Coach's and my firstborn, but we are still flipping the procreation coin.

I dunno, do I look like I have a maternal side?  My fur-baby Cooper can probably attest to it.

So, Anna got me going.  Then, I met Harmony when I moved to eastern Washington, struggling to find my niche and friends.  Her invite to a 100k relay prompted me to run more than my comfortable 3-4 miles. She inspired me with her energy and passion for running.

She nurtured my running seed further through a marathon invite:  Portland 2010
dripping wet with Harm
Through blog connections, my running seed has grownMel helped me by patiently fielding the endless questions I had during training and has become one of my favorite running buddies.  She constantly "pays it forward" in running and life and is an amazing role model for her boys.  Wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the state (insert sad face).

Jason , a true ninja, encourages me with his dedication and preparedness.  Seriously, visit his blog for the tastiest recipes and thoughtful commentary.  You will not be disappointed.

My Hood to Coast nuun-mate Tricia inspires me with her running comeback, punching a past injury in the face.  Her texts, calls and tweets always make me smile.  She is one savvy blogger too.  We haven't met in person, but I feel like we have been friends for years.

There are so many of you out there that I look to for encouragement, information, support, and laughs which makes me immensely thankful for this community. 

Finally, I couldn't do it without Coach.  He encourages me in my training and will train with me for Rock-N-Roll Las Vegas (his second half marathon), so we can share our running experience together.

When was your running seed planted?

Who helps you grow?

Be sure to enter my Running Chics Clothing giveaway .  The gear is flattering and functional!
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