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planning a wedding and remembering loved ones :)

Posted Jun 12 2012 12:21pm

So we I spent last week interviewing photographers and then talking about them with the Fatkid. It. Was. Exhausting. I was running to lunch meetings between class and work or going after work and getting home super late. It was incredibly hard to decide between our final two and it really came down to personality and (let’s be honest) budget. I loved Kacey from About Love.  and she and her sister Taylor grew up with my best friend and also photographed her wedding. She was also the first person I met with and I hate making decisions without having all the necessary info and so I felt like I needed to meet with more people prior to deciding. I met with three other photographers – all GREAT. But…..after talking to John we still stayed with Kacey and Taylor, which was my first instinct and I am so excited!

I was going to post some of their pics but there are some many I love from their blog I literally could not choose.

This weekend was also full of wedding things and some bittersweet moments. My father passed away very suddenly on June 9, 2004 and so each year that day is especially difficult for me. This year was kind of a double whammy now that we are planning a wedding. My father and I had somewhat of an estranged relationship and I have a lot of things that I wish had been different. It taught one of the best lessons of my life though, and I make sure to never wait until later to tell someone how much they mean to me. This is my favorite picture I have of us and it is in on my bathroom mirror.

My maid of honor (and best friend) Nikki and of course the Fatkid were awesome on Saturday and I managed to only have one major meltdown. The last few years I have really tried to fill that day up with new happy memories so that each year I have something else to think about besides just that it is the anniversary of his death.

This year started our with brunch and mimosas with Nik and then trying on dresses for the first (real) time. I found one I really loved, BUT my mom wasn’t in town and I want to go to at least one other place before I decide on a dress (the place I went really didn’t have a lot of options). The one dress I loved was a Vera Wang White and something I never would have pictured on me :)  but…I keep thinking about.

Then the Fatkid and I went looking at suits/vests for him (and the boys) and stopped here and there for some food and drinks along the way. We also decided that we want one of our friends to marry us (we have been thinking about it since we decided not to get married in a church) and so we let two of them know and told them to let us know which one it would be (we are all really close and John and I didn’t want to choose between them).

All in all I had a great time on Saturday and was happy to spend the day doing things I loved with people I love.

Sunday was more girl time and first I went to brunch with a friend of mine who got married in New Orleans a few months ago – it was so nice to catch up with her and hear about her wedding. Then I headed over to Nik’s to do some bridal shower/bachelorette/wedding planning.

She is literally the most organized person I know (except my mom) so we had like four notebooks, colors, checklists, pinboards, etc. that we were looking at. As more and more things fall into place I just keep getting more and more excited :)

Do you guys have any tips for planning a wedding (or anything involved before, after, etc.) that you wish you had known?

Or something that you are so glad someone shared with you?

Please tell me!!

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