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Plank Avoidance

Posted Sep 24 2013 8:53pm

I woke up feeling great this morning! I stayed in bed a few minutes later than usual to get in some cuddle time with Zeke, but ended up having to give in and go to the morning program. I had a handful of Multigrain Cheerios before program, but didn't really have breakfast until afterwards.

I had a cup of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness smoothie. It was the perfect way to kick start my nutrition for the day.

I also had two slices of Country Harvest Flax & Quinoa bread with raspberry jam.


I spent the morning teaching horseback riding lessons and had a blast doing so! I love teaching people how to do something I have spent my entire life absolutely living and breathing for. So exciting!

When I got home, I made myself a big bowl of red and green cabbage coleslaw and gobbled it all up. Yum!

I was also craving cereal, so I had a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios with almond milk and peanut butter on top. Sometimes you just have to give in to those cravings even if it does mean eating cereal at 2:00pm in the afternoon.


My lovely husband made a delicious batch of chili for dinner. He loaded the chili up with extra lean ground beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, chickpeas and a few other beans that I can't remember the names of. It was really tasty on a cooler day, plus we have lots for leftovers!


After dinner, Casey and I headed out for a nice long walk with Zeke. We walked for roughly 45 minutes at a brisk pace. After our walk, we decided to run the stairs up to our apartment on the 14th floor. That sure got our hearts racing and our legs warmed up!

After our spontaneous workout session, I did the GPP Fitness workout of the day. Today's Tuesday Stab Press workout was pretty good! I remember doing this workout in the past and loving it.

I felt great after this workout and could really feel my core after those planks. Planks are an exercise that I don't do very often, but I know I really should start doing them. They're so good for your entire body, I'm just not very good at them so sometimes I avoid them. Shhh!

That's all for now! I plan on hitting the hay early tonight so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep tonight. I've been really trying to work on getting enough sleep every night and so far I've been pretty successful!

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