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placenta understanding

Posted Jan 21 2010 6:04pm

The Swiss scientist, Professor Karl foundmysterious substancein the embryo cell of the sheep, which can make cell restore its vitality in 1912.According to the biologist proved, the number of cell divisionis directly proportional to the number of life, for example, the number ofdolphin cell division is eighty times, and its average life can reach one hundred fifty years old. While the reason of people growing old is that the cell become decay, which isthe most basic component of the unit Along with the growing age, the division of cell regeneration become more and more slow, and the accumulative of aging cells to make organs function declining, aging or disease occurs, people are also increasingly aging.

The active substance, which was found by Professor in the sheep embryo,can increase the number of cell division, and force the decline or aging cell to be activated or eliminated, so that the function decaying of organ restore its vitality. Therefore, Professor Karl won the Nobel Prize. This substance is what we called Placenta.
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