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Pittsburgh Marathon 2009

Posted May 09 2009 12:00am

The Pittsburgh marathon that took place on may 3rd was a blast! I ran the last 2 legs of a relay which was about 11.5 miles. I was very pleased with my time which was 1:22:14. But I’m even more excited for the people who ran the whole thing!  my time will come eventually!  Here’s what my 11.5 mile experience was.

When I saw my team member tag my hand to run I quickly handed her the nice finishers metal she highly deserved and started my run. The first few miles I ran hard because of all my anticipation so I quickly ran down the streets of Pittsburgh dodging pot holes and wet spots since it was slightly raining. The first water station on the right had power gels and power aid, I took a cup of power aid and threw it in my face. Wasn’t the smartest thing to do because power aid does tend to burn the hell out of your eyes! But the burning sensation went away after a few mins. After passing many locals cheering people on I passed a relay exchange, since I was doing 2 legs I quickly said I’m continueing and continued running without a second of delay. After passing several other streets I ran down a street with people and banners advertising businesses and I soon realized from pedestrians yelling “last mile” that it was almost over even knowing it mentally felt like the race just began. When I ran down the last stretch of the race I saw many people cheering and having a wonderful time watching the runners run in. I kicked it at the end and ran a sprint threw the finish line. It was a great race and I’d totally suggest doing a marathon event sometime in your life.

Pittsburgh Marathon

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