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Pinto Beans and Crispy Greens

Posted Jun 08 2010 11:02am

I finally used up the rest of my quinoa that has lasted me for 3 meals already!

I was craving a burrito bowl type dish – so I went to work on a Quinoa Bean Bowl. I thought the perfect accompaniment to that would be some “Cheezy” Kale Chips.

I used a HUGE amount of organic kale. Probably a bit too much. I tore it up into chip sized pieces, laid it out on a baking sheet and covered it with EVOO, S&P and a good sprinkling of Nutritional Yeast for that Cheeezy flavor. Mmm!

060810 002  
060810 003  
I popped them in a 350F oven for 10 minutes, then, flipped them and left them in for another 10.
They were still not crispy enough for me, so I put the oven on broil for (what I thought was) a short time. They managed to get a little TOO crispy, but I took them out just before they REALLY burned! I managed to save almost all of them :)

Crispy crunchy kale!
060810 004
060810 007

For my make-shift burrito bowl I topped a large serving of quinoa with pinto beans, smoked mozzarella, and chopped onions and garlic (RAW!).

I LOVE raw garlic. No..seriously…I LOOVVVE IT. I love garlic in any form actually. Garlic Garlic Garlic!

Then I decided it needed some greens, so I added on some kale chips and then I topped the whole thing with a scoop of spiicy salsa!
060810 009  
All mixed up!
060810 011  

My breathe was not very pleasant after this meal….lots of teeth brushing and flossing ensued :D

Just finished class and my plans today include A RUN (well…a very short run) and then a sweaty yoga sesh with my favorite instructor !

Then it’s Organic Chem study time! Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to watch the Glee finale until tomorrow. *tear* So don’t tell me ANYTHING!

Were you part of any clubs in high school – sports teams, glee club, debating, school newspaper, high school plays…etc?

I liked the artsy stuff. I directed and acted in school plays and my school put on a “Rock Show” every year and I sang in that!

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