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Pilates & Pedaling – Weekend Rewind

Posted Jun 07 2010 6:08am

Literally learning the ActivCore ropes with Ms Lori

What a weekend. Pilates, the lake and a road bike. I am sore. If you touch my side I sound like the Pillsbury Doughboy, ehh hee.

The private pilates session at Studio Lotus in Atlanta was an ideal way to spend a Saturday morning. My personal instructor was petite and jacked. She was also a runner and fellow tri, providing great tips and suggestions about what I need to focus on. I am basically tight in my hamstrings (didn’t know) and need to improve my flexibility. My trunk feels tight and having to slow down and focus on different muscles made for a wonderful workout. I only got a sample of ActivCore, which Lance Armstrong does, and woo-wee! I wish I had more time to dabble on the apparatus, it certainly was challenging.

Having someone walk you through every motion is beneficial and I will likely look to join a proper pilates class to continue working on form. Pilates is pricey but there are other ways to learn and participate, look around your area or grab a DVD.

In other news, I also got a road bike yesterday. It’s a Trek, my “Enterprise” (Star Trek joke there kids). Alas, another something for me to figure out. Learning something new is a lovely ball of frustration and excitement. I’ll keep everyone posted on how this newbie does. It’s true, you never forget riding a bike, but getting to a high speed on a road bike will have you pucker in a hurry. If there are professional cyclists out there, have mercy on me. Andrew mountain bikes and is getting into road, and thankfully he’s a true semi-pro when it comes to biking tutorials. He built his own bike and all that jazz.

Bike this baby!

Andrew’s Road Bike Basics:
- Be a part of your bike, ride clipless.
- Like Dora said about swimming in Nemo, just keep pedaling.
- Be a part of the road and abide by all traffic laws.
- Know your gears.

The uncensored version I’ll provide to road biking:
- Two words, bike shorts. No more sore where you’d shouldn’t be. Hoo-hahs and ho-hos rejoice.
- Gloves. Help prevent chaffing and you look professional.
- Alert and attentive. I wouldn’t think of leaving my sacred iPod, but safety first. If you do ride with your iPod, which I did, listen to it way low. When you get enough speed all you hear is the wind anyways.
- Listen. If you so much as think there is a car behind you, tilt your head towards traffic and you’ll be able to hear more clear.
- Pedal pusher. Pedals are like a nice purse to complement your outfit. Upgrading to clip-ons is suppose to be the jam, I try that next installment of “Will it bike?!”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about biking basics.

What a weekend! I squeezed all the goodness I could out of two days. What kind of trouble did you all get into? Any fun plans for the week?

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