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Pilates Makeup Class (and running too...)

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Last night I finally succeeded at making up one of my missed Pilates classes. It was kind of a last minute thing since an evening work committment got cancelled, but it worked out good in the end because I squeezed in an extra work out and boy was it a toughie!

Last night's class was just myself and another woman (who looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't think from where...) She and I are about at the same level so it made for a well-matched pairing for the session. Our instructor decided to get us going on a piece of equipment that I had never used before...(imagine drumroll here)...the Cadillac! Sometimes this handy apparatus is even called a 'trapeze table'.

This is not the greatest photo, but it illustrates a basic Cadillac equipment, which is essentially the uprights at the end of the table with the pulleys, springs and bars that allow you to do a whole new range of exercises...

This workout was really great because we were able to target the triceps, biceps, obliques, hamstrings and quads as well as doing some really cool fluid movements that really burned away at those tummy muscles. It was cool because I learned some interesting new ways to work each of these muscle groups. And, some of them were fairly acrobatic! Let me tell you, we had our arms and legs swooping all over the place (in a controlled, stabilized core kind of way of course!) It was probably one of our hardest workouts yet, but simply fantastic - I think these are the types sessions that really get you hooked and looking forward to the next one.

By the end of the night I finally figured out why the other participant looked familiar - turns out she was in one of the half marathon clinics I participated in. Unfortunately she wasn't able to finish it though due to injury. It's pretty cool that many of the women I've met at the Pilates studio are also runners...there seems to be quite a connection between this type of exercise and improving your running form and strength.

Tonight was run club and I was really excited to go because one of my original running partners was dropping by for the first time in a few months. She was recently in Europe with her boyfriend and lo and behold, she came back with a rock on her finger! So, it was nice to run with her and hear all about her trip and the proposal and of course, start helping her think of ideas for the big event! I've done a lot of handmade invitations, place cards, garters and favors for friends' weddings, so of course, I offered my services as we ran around in the dark tonight:

  • Total distance: 4.64 km
  • Total time: 34:16
  • Average pace: 7:32/km (must have been her big diamond ring that slowed us down!!)

We also received the final word on our Haney to Harrison relay teams tonight. Each team is comprised of 8 members, with each leg's distance ranging between 8 and 15 km. I need to confirm which leg I've been assigned, but I was really excited because my team includes my husband Mike, his running buddy Nathan (think cigars and champagne guy from my OIM race report ), one of my running friends from our first clinic and 4 other cool people from the club. Our store has two teams going and they've arranged for the runners from each team to be well matched on each leg so that our teams and support vans can stay relatively together for the day.

I'm really excited about this race and will post more of the details once they're firmed up. Yay for 100km relays!

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